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Do you use Uber or Lyft often? Do you prefer a taxi or light rail or a bus? Or do you just drive yourself? Do you walk many places? Have you ever roller skated? Have you ever water skied?Have bout in the snow? Ever hitch hiked? That’s really dangerous to do by the way. What are you staring at?

I don't know if you actually intended anyone to answer all these but here goes anyway. Haha.
I have never used an uber, lyft or taxi. I've used a bus a few times for longer trips and I rode a train at Disney. If I have to go anywhere usually my sister drives me, which isn't too often since I work from home and only have a few friends in the area. I do walk when I am able to but I've always lived far from businesses or friends so it's not too often unless I'm just going for a stroll around the neighborhoods. I used to rollerskate and rollerblade a few times a week but haven't done so in over 10 years. I do miss it. I've never water or skied. I have jet skied both being the passenger and the operator and I've sledded many times down hills, especially at my old home which had two big hills. I have never hitchhiked but I did accept a ride from a couple once when I was stranded on the side of the road, it was just a mile. I'm staring at that odd bump on your nose. ;)

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I am Rumpelstiltskin. I offer you the same deal Shrek got, living 1 day the way you want in exchange from erasing 1 day from your childhood. What are your picks? And don't worry, I won't change history and take over your world :P

Living one day that I want
Spending a dsy exploring Mars
A day to erase 🤔 when i was learning to rollerskate and kept falling over infront of friends
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15 de Marzo.
Lasagna de pollo ❤
Mucho tiempo.
Las ratas & muchas cosas 😂
Odio casi todo.
Fut⚽ & RollerSkate 😍
Face: Patty Téllez. Insta:Pathy16
Al pollo 🍗😂😂
Cafés claros .👀♡

Dee, rollerskate dgn ice skating almost sama kan? The difference is rollerskate dkt tanah, ice skating dkt ice right. But does ice skating lagi susah, in ur opinion lah? Bcs i tk pernah try ice skating ? rollerskate pernah lah, dulu eheh

Eeeee idk because I've never rollerbladed before :// I think ice skating is easier because it's way smoother dari tanah and concrete right so yeah

Hey, I saw you on YouTube and I was wondering if you could teach me how to Rollerskate better. I really liked the back split foot whip that you did and I really want to learn it. inbox me on kik: ricky_ll

nah you might have seen this kid Ryan Measel, he's amazing. just go on his ask and ask him. I ride scooters not rollerskates
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what's ur fav activity ?.. 5 things make u happy .. 5 things make u sad ? .. How old r u ? Where r u from ? .. What's ur fav colour ? .. What's ur fav song ? .. Ur 5 top best friend ... Ngasgs sorry but am bored :D !

Rollerskate . Swim . Bss
Things make me happy " my lover . Roni . Lsn2music . My friends .
Things make me sad . " being ignored from your lover . "
19 . From msalata . My fav colour is between green and brown . My fav song " here without you . 3doors down " my bestfriends halpa :)

What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite food? What kind of music are you into? What do you do for fun? What’s your favorite joke?x

Skittles In HD (✔)
blue (: i really like to eat everything except mushrooms lol :D lots and lots, from sleeping with sirens to beyonce (: i hangout with friends, rollerskate and stuff.. i don't have one :D
thankies :')
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Would yuu ever jump out a plane, or jump on2 the stage in a concert (even thou yu was restricted), roller skate down a sumthin steep e.g a hilltop. Ski down a mountain? ^______^ So random but i gotta ask sar <3 we spazzed lyk tht living life. Would yuuu .... I'll come 2 LOOOOL *major memories*

LOOOOL yasmiiiine <3 make an ask fm account bubz xx Right the answers to your questions: Yes omd I wouuld LOVE to jump of a plane (with a parachute ofcourse LOL) I was acc thinking of doind it for my 18th bday :D With you I'd obvs jump onstage cuz we're just crazy like that, Yep deffinately rollerskate down a hilltop would be jokes >_< and finally yesh yesh yesh would be awesome to skii down a mountain the adrelanine rush would be just x__x

ребятки, опишите свою жизнь названием фильма/строчкой из песни? целую в розовые щечки и жду смешных ответиков.

Лирическое отступление.. Мне написала вопрос сама @morrissey ! Я чувствую себя Избранной, и, возможно, моя самооценка поднимется еще выше и упрется прямо в зад Богу.
Надо бы и на вопрос ответить, да.
В общем, я искала книгу с названием типа: "Сидящая на стуле одинокая жопа". Не нашла. Поперлась по песням. Короче, я выбрала несколько строчек из песни Old 97's - Rollerskate Skinny.
"Bulletin board on the wall of a church,
Soaking up the city from a top-step perch.
You're gonna break down on a midnight date,
You're gonna curse this town, you're gonna run late."
Это не описывает всю мою жизнь целиком или что-то подобное. Это нынешний период моего убого существования. Хотя, кто знает. Может, у меня просто не хватило мозгов выбрать что-нибудь другое. Или я просто поленилась D:

Daaaaamn '.' ! your hottest guy ~o~ By the way, my Question is; What are the 5 that prefer things to do :p ?

thnx babe its alll from ure eyes <3
ice skate
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