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Where do you get style inspiration from?

A little bit from Taylor Swift of the Red era and maybe the people of the 60's?

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Do you get along with your parents?

Not much I guess. They're career people and I spend time in school a lot so we don't really interact much except for family events and house chores.

something i'm quite curious about: how did you find my askfm? or even come to know about my existence at all haha


do you have any nicknames?

Well I call myself Innocent but my friends will always think that I'm "Innocent". Also, I think I'm not unique enough of a character to have a nickname. Oh wells.

I don't watch football but my dad used to and I was kinda stuck watching that as well... Until I got my laptop 😎

I shall make you stuck watching football again and make you like Man Utd. 😈

What do you like to do in your free time?

If I feel less lazy, I like to go out probably to town or the airport and just hang around, have some coffee or eat something nice and just think.

i like Liverpool!!! even though they pretty much suck and you have to try a spread called speculoos it tastes amazing

I thought you never watch football one?! Lol never heard of that before leh.

What's your top 5 favourite tv shows? I have so many omg

Lol you so much time watch tv what! I love watching HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Masterchef and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

do you think you're an extrovert or an introvert?

Oh I am definitely an introvert. People will have to talk to me first or I will talk to him/her via indirect conversations through a mutual friend.

old people do seem to like facebook more lol 😛

Haha what to do! Twitter more for young people already. 😜


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