Ask @thecrispycorner:

How much do you charge for consultation. do u do it online

Hello, of course we give online consultations. We do it either with the pictures you send us or Skype.
Please get in touch with me on the for the price and details.We respect our client's privacy as each one has different needs, hence prefer this discussion to be personal.Looking forward to hearing from you

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I have an expensive bright orange jacket that I bought in impulse . How do I use it . I don't like wearing bright colours usually

Orange jackets can be daunting if you don't know how to pair them but luckily orange is a flexible colour. They go amazingly well with blue hence you can wear any tee or shirt on your denim jeans and wear your orange blazer with it.If you want to tone done your orange , pair it with white pants .It will automatically look more subtle.You can also pair it with a brown, blue-white or black-white striped pants to neutralize the brightness. In case you are going out and don't mind a bit of color, wear it with a purple or green dress.

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