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My mom has cancer it’s getting worse instead of better my friend thinks that I spend way too much time with my mom she is not that sick what should I do

Spend as much time with your mom as you can
If you don’t you’ll regret it later

How do you think we should talk for a moment I’m really not trying to embarrass you but I’ve had it up to the top of my head with this shit you need to explain yourself

Lol then maybe you should start a chat?

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You didn't have to steal my heart if you were just gonna get tired of me

At this point…I’m convinced you’re either really bored..or enjoy playing games. Especially hiding behind a screen

Despite all the bullying from y’all, I’d love to dance The Second Waltz with you. I know you’re a classy and cultured girl. I’m not. But I know you only date guys not like you. But I know some culture things and you loved me more than I loved u before n I’ve always been loyal to you & u weren’t🥺❤️

I can’t say that’s true


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