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Would you do a story review on The Longest Journey? It's a point and click adventure game. I'd like to see your opinion on it.

Historically I've never had the mind for point and click style games. Nevertheless I’ll add it to the list! This brings up an interesting question and that’s what I choose to review. Now I don’t pick up a game that is just a solid story or on the flip side a terrible story and then do a review on it. Hence why I didn't review Ryse: Son of Rome and instead did a video on setting using Ryse as my example. The storyline itself wasn't what I focused on. And if you think about it you could probably break down all my reviews based on one particular strong point that I like to focus on in each review. For instance the Witcher 2 review was all about world building rather than an in-depth critique of the story or the writing though I definitely dabbled in that. In the case of Shadow of Mordor I talked quite a bit on the Nemesis System and what that added to procedural storytelling. That’s not to say I won’t ever do a review on good or bad stories that doesn't necessarily have one thing that sticks out at me. This fairly long winded answer is just to give you an idea of what I look for when picking out a game to talk about. Thanks for the suggestion!

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When's the greatly-anticipated revised edition of Inquisitor set to be released

Dates are a curious entity in the world of writing. You plan to do something, work fairly hard on it and yet life often conspires to change your mind and the date. Inquisitor has not been forgotten as it holds a special place in my heart, being the very first work that I sent out into the world. I have an editor lined up ready to work on the manuscript with me and hopefully we'll get to it either this year or the next, though unfortunately I can't be specific. What you can expect from me, fairly shortly, is the second novella in the Daniel Roth series. I am concentrating on short form fiction at the moment and soon, hopefully, the creative well will be full enough for me to launch back into the world of Inquisitor!

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