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New playoff rules announced today 8/25/14, with no regional game, will that help EHS and other Norcal teams get to stat?

I'd like to answer this really quickly instead of on my blog to clarify. CIF announced it eliminated the OPEN Division Regional game, not the rest of the divisions. There will still be D1, 2, 3, 4, NorCal and SoCal bowl games where the winners will meet in state championship. Only the Open Division, which can be any team from any division (usually D1, the best of the best) will be selected to play for a state title without a NorCal or SoCal game.

when will you be posting about Shasta's practice

I will post a few photos in a couple of minutes but I was mainly there today to do the 2014 team preview, which won't run for another week. I'm trying to stay ahead of schedule.

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Anderson & West Valley prediction this year? Know it's early, but you've been out too both practices. Anderson will play in "The Pasture" this year...

We'll get there later. That game is Week 10 on Nov. 7. Let's get through August first.
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when are you coming to enterprises practice

Hopefully Thursday next week. Enterprise is the only local football team that doesn't play Week 0 on Aug. 29 so I am focusing on the teams that play that week first.

Who do you think would possibly win if" they played eachother ehs or wvhs this year

Again with the hypotheticals between these 2 schools? Don't know yet. I haven't been out to Enterprise's practice this fall.

Out of the 3 NAL teams you've seen, who looks the best?

There's no question West Valley is the top. Reigning section champs helps. Anderson looked pretty solid, great energy at practice and numbers. CV has more play-makers than I thought.

Are you coming out for Thursdays 7 on 7 matchup with west valley and Shasta?

Yes I will be out there. I also hear CV will be out there too. Can't wait to get some summer football in there.

When do the all record search light teams for baseball come out?

Soon. We're still working with other media outlets on the all-section teams and then the all-RS teams will be out.

Even with a brand new offensive line, do you think EHS runningback Izzy Matthews will live up to the success he had his junior season? A big part of his success was because of Evers, Gunter, and Ferguson

They were a large part of his success but he's still one of the strongest RBs in the section. I'm not sure another 2,000yd, 30-TD campaign is possible w/ teams stacking the box to stop him but he should still find success. A 1,500yd, 20-TD season is a realistic expectation.

Rank the football EAL teams from what you have seen so far

Enterprise, Red Bluff, Foothill/Shasta. (Haven't seen Chico, PV or Paradise b/c their in the south).

Does some one do a top fifty for those schools?

Not until August with the preseason all-section team which is about 25 players based on position, not overall ranking.

Who are the players in the section to look out for for football?

There are way too many to name. Orland has a top-notch runner in Arthur Flynn, Sutter and Chico have top two QBs in the section, Chico also has a std RB that will be a junior, Sutter has a top WR in Prince. Those are a just a few off the top of my head. Stay tuned for blogs this summer.

Is it just players in the redding area?

Unfortunately yes, because I don't see Orland, Sutter, Chico, PV and others as often. It's in our coverage area: south to Red Bluff, north to Mount Shasta, west to Trinity and east to Fall River & Burney.

Are you and Thomas gonna do another top 50 football players for the upcoming seniors?

Yes - my annual top 50 football players countdown will begin in July and it will be for all players that have played varsity football w/ past success and potential impact. It starts July 11 when there are 50 days left until the first football game of the year. 50 days, 50 players.

Football- How do you think Red Bluff matches up with Shasta and Foothill this year?

So far I've only seen those three teams one day each and as of right now I would say Red Bluff would be the favorite in both of those games. There are questions about the o-line and injuries have plagued the Spartans in the past, but they have the right energy and playmakers to be considered favorites at this point, IMO.

Are you gonna brave the cold and wake up early for West Valleys practice tomorrow morning?

I wouldn't count on it.

After watching foothill practice today and shasta last week. Who would you say would win if they scrimmaged?

Hard to tell after 1 day of watching non-padded practice. Can't tell how physical each team would be. But I think it would be close. Both teams have to replace 4 OL, QB, RB and have a handful of key defenders back. It's a coin flip at this point.

When do you think you will be posting the Spring Tour Blogs?

Foothill was just posted. Shasta will be later tonight. Red Bluff Wed, Enterprise Thurs, West Valley, CV, Anderson and U-Prep should all be either the end of this week or next week.

West valley is feeling the love with you coming to our spring ball practices. They're out there grinding in the darkness while the rest of the section is still in bed.

I'm in bed as well. Can't make it to those 6 a.m. practices with our schedules.

Will you be going to enterprises spring ball this week?

Yes, Enterprise is slotted for Thursday.

Any kids you noticed that caught your eye at spring ball today?

As far as newcomers go, Silas Miranda and Ray Arreola are the top two that stood out to me.

Do you know much about anderson wrestling? And if so your thoughts on them?

Not in wrestling mode right now but been a solid program for years. Ask again when winter rolls around.

Will you or Thomas be heading to Anderson's spring ball?

Thomas is planning on being out there Wednesday. Not enough days for both of us to catch every team this year (Holidays/spring playoffs/championships have made it tougher).


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