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Can someone who suffers from depression and trauma ever be really loved by someone?

Without a doubt yes! The right person will see that's part of what makes you beautiful

How do you know if your significant other in losing interest in you :,)

missvallie’s Profile PhotoValorie :)
Stop calling you pet names takes longer to respond all in all a gut feeling

Do you stalk your crush Facebook and Snapchat everyday?

It's been known to happen lol but not in a creepy way 🤣

Can I hold you.?

I've definitely had my man whore days but this sounds like how to get shanked 101... Not if i don't know you sorry

My friends want me to make up with my ex. Should I give him a 2nd chance?

Some people are meant to be and some aren't.. if he's meant to be he will be, no matter what you decide. But if you think so then try. Fuck what ANYONE else thinks. It's your life


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