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can you be friends with someone that broke your heart?

I think it would definitely be hard and if you are at peace with that yes. It’s not something most ppl can do but it is possible

Boyfriend is always looking at other girls and checking them out. Is that disrespectful? He told me all guys do it 😞

I check everyone out. Eyes wander but that’s normal. If u are secure in your relationship then it’s nothing to worry about until he actually cheats or hollers at them!!!

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Why is it that rich people suffer from depression if they got money?

They aren’t one with themselves to truly find happiness is within urself

Which app do you prefer to post/ view stories on?

I like post stories on Instagram! And TikTok I post everythingggg

Do you think your soulmates out there somewhere waiting for you?

I think that u should put urself first and everything else will follow

Does life get easier??

I believe life is what u make of it and u can always find a way to make it better

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