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I deleted all of my social media accounts, and changed my number to start fresh. Was this mean of me

Lmao. Nope. Wise of you.

Would you open yourself up so someone that is cold and distant or exploits your insecurities and tramas?

I do just to feed them wrong information just to see if rumors get generated.

You didn’t answer my most important question on here 🥹I need to know

I don't even remember being asked

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? If yes, at what age?

Yes all 4 at the same time. I was maybe 19

What if the person you were stalking started stalking you?

Welllllllll introduce yourself and start fucking.

I'm okay now. I miss you. Idk if I'll ever see you again and that's on your part. I can't do anything about that. I feel like I can finally let you go, I still love you, always.



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