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When you go to a movie, do you like to sit in the back, middle, or front?

The middle, somewhat towards the back, but not quite 'in the back.'
Too close up, I feel like I have to move my head or eyes too much to look at the whole screen. Too far back, I feel like I'm not close enough to the screen. xD;

Do you consider yourself a creative person?

On some days, yes and on some days, no ( lol, usually during art blocks ) ^^"

How do you learn best: by listening, watching, reading or doing?

Not too far behind 'watching' is probably 'reading' and 'doing.'

What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?

Play video games, draw, watch TV, bother a friend or family member until they are awake too, or stare at the ceiling until morning comes.

Are you a city or a nature person?

More of a city person, though I really like nature, too. I just wish mosquitoes didn't always bite me like crazy...

Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or have the ability to talk to animals?

To speak any language fluently would be awesome ☆

What is your usual breakfast?

I usually skip it, but when I have time: bacon, eggs, and waffles, pancakes, or bagel

What is the worst gift you have ever received?

... A fancy wrapped container filled with empty candy papers >>;;


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