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Boyfriend is always looking at other girls and checking them out. Is that disrespectful? He told me all guys do it 😞

All guys do it... I wouldn't get in a hissy about it...pick your battles, this one is the least of any concern. We women check out men as well, we are just better at keeping it sly... If you are confident in your relationship then you know ya have nothing to stress over.

My husband cheats and is still with me. 😂

That says more about you than him! Not in a bad way... If you're okay with it...that is fine... Men seem to wanna have fun with the ladies or gentlemen but don't want to dissolve their relationship for it...bc they aren't sure if the grass is actually greener or not... Women as well.

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

For me personally a weakness so I will not do it in front of anyone ever!

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If you went to a Renaissance fair and they had a young girl in a chair with her feet in stocks and people could stop and tickle her and her friends offered you $1,000 to tickle her silly would you do it ? It's a rela thing at ones in Europe

Idk...I mean $1000 bucks would be nice right now 😂

Does your partner know you have this app?

Yes...why not...it's not a bad app for bad things unless you want it to be...

What are you excited for??

My twins turning 18 in 6 months... Time for this mama and Dad to take some cruises and vacations for us...

Is it possible to love someone and still cheat

Yes you can love them and cheat but I would say more like you love them but just not in love with them... More like you care about them...if you were in love you wouldn't cheat.


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