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Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?

no cuz when I see food I have to eat it before I can fall in love with it...

Funniest "Laugh Out Loud" moment you've encountered today?

some video my friend showed of some news report

Would you want to be internet famous?

YESSSSSS !!!!!! omfg you dont even knowwwwwww. If the camera I wanted wasnt 700 dollars Id be on top of getting to the fame I want

Do you forgive and forget people's mistakes or hold a grudge?

i dont forgive but I forget cuz I really dont give a shit

Cake or pie?

so i tried some pumpkin pie at my school this year and legit had me like on top of the world so like pie

I just followed you on Instagram, but I have a small question. How do you have so many Twitter followers, but only 200 followers on Instagram?

ugly with a dashing personality.

lmaooo dkm what typa green was it tho like mint or lime cause if it was mint-colored hijabs then ahh dw that's cool

no a legit green cuz yknow mans like me dont dress to impress and I thought it was cool since o normally wear black....I was so wrong lol

lmaooo that was stupid now that i think about it fam cause did i really expect u to travel from 20 to 40 just so we could talk in front of a garbage chute that's a mission LOOOL yo we were some dumbass niggas wallahi & i just took that in

yeee yo but like you take the bus now so I guess weekdays at 3:15 typa flex


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