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What is/was your favorite subject in school?

college: phil fem
HS: any computer class cuz they were ez and my teacher was half asleep the whole time

When do you shower, when you wake up or before going to bed?

i know showering at night is better for ur skin, but when i do that i just wake up feeling like i didn't shower at all

Is it normal to have anxiety over something small or little things? Example; a test or a presentation


Why would a man who has feelings for a woman never contact her as himself but only using fake accounts & anonymous?

isn't that the plot of cyrano?

This is not fake I can’t read your mind from long distance if you want to try I will be happy to prove it

go for it

I’m 42 and I have no children. What do you think about that? Don’t have children and don’t have headaches neither have to worry financially about it

kids aren't for everyone, i haven't made my mind up myself

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