Hannah♪ @CookieRockstar3
Hannah♪ @CookieRockstar3
England :c
I like Nathan, bands, YouTube, Sherlock and OITNB. I'm 18. ‎@RatedRGibby <3 ask me shit
If you're going to be a pervert then don't be surprised when I tell you to fuck off
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I don't know what you want me to do about it. It's very embarassing and it makes me feel bad.
How about stop?! It's disgusting. You're going mad over a girl who is taken. Get a life.
I keep having wet dreams of you. I can't help but feel guilty every time I cum over you without you knowing. I feel that I have to tell you this. Please don't answer this message but do acknowledge it in some way.
I'm answering this to shame you. That's absolutely disgusting.
Skype name :3? Send via a question so no creepers :3  Zachary Jordache Kane
Nah sorry
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How many though?
Go fuck yourself. Creep
How many people have seen your boobs, whether a pic or in person
Hardly anyone.
Questions of the day! What was the reason you first got ask & why have you stayed?? Do you have skype? Is there anything you would change about askFM and why? ~Zach :)  Zachary Jordache Kane
I have no idea tbh, and again, I have no idea. Yeah I have skype. I would sort out its security, privacy and keeping people away from bullying because this is probably the worst site for bullying.
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How can I make my first sex great if it's with a random guy?
Tbh, it's not going to be great, sorry to break it to you. If you want great sex then the best way to get it is in love with the person and after getting to know that persons body
'Pick you up' as in try to do sexy stuff with you
It's called pulling or hitting on. Guys have tried but I don't let them. Especially at the moment, I'm not interested in anyone other than Nathan
What does your last text message say?
"Okay xxxxx"
Do guys try and 'pick you up' a lot?
Wtf is "pick you up". I think you mean something else hun
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if you got given a 1 liter jug for a 1 million dollars do you think you could manage to fill it with one single pee ?
What have you asked for christmas?
Nothing tbh ><
If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to?
Anyone I can actually have a chat with. I'll end up getting bored of them eventually anyway and just listening to music or watching something
Should guys wear a beard and what kind?
it depends if it suits the guy tbh
If you recieved this I follow you. feel special kay'? What's your opinion or first impression of me ^_^? ~Zachy  Zachary Jordache Kane
Thank you, and you seem lovely
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Oh I thought you did talk to her, my bad
Nah haha
Do you still talk to imwithstup1d & piercethebean
I never spoke to piercethebean but yeah I kinda talk to imwithstup1d again now
which unis have you applied to?
I haven't yet applied but I have said before where I wanna go
do you have twitter?
Yes ‎@bringmethefoood
How long have you lived in your current home?
around 10 years
Do @ Opinions
what would you name them?
I dunno yet
do you want kids?
Eventually yes
what's QTS?
Qualified Teacher Status. Basically if you do a normal primary ed course then you have to do another year on top to get the qts but you can go on and do a primary ed with qts, which is shorter and will enable you to be a teacher as soon as you finish