Hannah♪ @CookieRockstar3
Hannah♪ @CookieRockstar3
England :c
I like bands, YouTube and Sherlock. I'm 17. ‎@RatedRGibby <3 ask me shit www.bringmewhore.tumblr.com
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Do you like being fucked in the mouth?
go fuck yourself
Actually makes me cringe everytime I read one of these perverted questions, why dont you just block them? :/
eh, its effort, and yes so is replying to them but oh well
Everytime I wank I do it for you
fuck off
I want to paint you with my semen
Where do you like to make out?
preferably on my lips
So sexy
There is no one as sexy as you
erm, there is sexier than me, look;
There is no one as sexy as you
Im a 16 y.o girl and am planning to have sex for the first time on saturday, can you give me some advice?
just don't be too nervous
What would you do if you walked in on a friend wanking?
slowly walk out
How many people have you slept with?
more than you'll ever get
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
snap chat and texts
Where do you next want to have sex? Shower? Garden?
Fuck off
Are you a top or a bottom?
I'm a human actually
People treat you absolutely awful on here, and I'm so, so sorry for that, gorgeous. :( I really, really hope you're okay. :/ ♥  ☮ ♡ Michael ☯ J. ☯ Thomas ♥ ✌
I'm fine dw c; thank you though
You give me a boner
I bet if you let out one moan i would cum straight away
If I could kiss you I would probably cum
You are perfection and any guy that gets to be in you is the luckiest man alive
Aw thank you so much c; but nobody is perfect
Can we have another late night sex chat?
"Another" ha fuck off twat
Take it like you take dick
I'm straight yes.
But Nathan and Chris are good friends. Plus I get along better with guys most of the time
Who's busy?
See my last question
Who do you want to talk to?
Chris, and now Nathan is going to sleep too so I'm going to be even more bored
When was the last time you were horny?
One of the people I want to talk to is busy and it's annoying tbh
Your so sexy I fantasise about you (in a non creepy way)
I'm not sure how to take this tbh :')
http://ask.fm/MichaelJoyTaumaoe/answer/115149680390 so i follow you and you're the shit xD  Mickey Mouse
Haha thank you c; I follow you too so I guess "you're the shit"
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