Hannah♪ @CookieRockstar3
Hannah♪ @CookieRockstar3
England :c
I like Nathan, bands, YouTube and Sherlock. I'm 17. ‎@RatedRGibby <3 ask me shit www.eyelinerandbandtees.tumblr.com
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If you're going to be a pervert then don't be surprised when I tell you to fuck off
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Please :) do you wear a watch now?
Take a look at my Instagram - watch1235 and see how quick I can put a watch on :)
Erm no
love you xxxxxxx  Nathan Vaukins
Love you too xxxxx
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i know hehee xxxxxx  Nathan Vaukins
Silly c;
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i'll put the kettle on then
Tah, two sugars&milk please
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Yes please.
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Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
They do but in their own way
In your opinion, what's the perfect cock?
There can't really be a "perfect cock", they're all different..
Ever used a sex toy?
Have you ever kissed someone embarassing at a party?
Not that I know of
What do you think about casual sex?
If you want to do it, go ahead
photo: favorite shoes/socks?
my heels tho. omg. I cant wear them often enough though ;c
photo: favorite shoes/socks?
If you have an argument with a guy and threaten to kick his balls and he responded with "You don't have the guts and you wouldn't dare" Would you kick him there? Do you kick balls often?
I would kick him..
How many lads do you go through Chris, Scott and Nathan.. You're borderline slut right now!
i was wish chris for 2 years, scott for 5 months and now nathan for nearly 2 months, how does that make me a slut?:')
Why not? Are you a racist?
no, its because im in a relationship, therefore im not having sex with anyone other than nathan
Would you have interracial sex?
Ya riding anybody atm?
Not at this exact moment no.
When you go to amusement parks, what do you like to do most?
Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes ;c
Sorry but I'm going to do it anyway
You're disgusting. Wanking over a girl who is taken? You're a fucking pervert. Fuck off
Why can't I wank over you? You are fucking beautiful
Because it's disgusting. If anyone's gonna do that it's Nathan, he's the only one that allowed because he's my fucking boyfriend. Don't start getting fucking rude with me. Pervert.
How hard do you like it?
That's got nothing to do with you
Can I wank over you again? I would feel bad doing it without your permission.
Erm no
who the fucks bob :o
He makes the custard creams