Hannah♪ @CookieRockstar3
Hannah♪ @CookieRockstar3
England :c
I like Nathan, bands, YouTube and Sherlock. I'm 17. ‎@RatedRGibby <3 ask me shit www.eyelinerandbandtees.tumblr.com
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If you're going to be a pervert then don't be surprised when I tell you to fuck off
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When did you first kiss with tongue?
Got nothing to do with you
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
Probably a bag that I got for my 17th which was actually for like a 12 year old
Is he a good fuck?
awww im thats soo sweet, im happy for you and him, its rare to find a decent lad like him around, you look after eachother :)
That is so true, he's defo the only boyfriend who has treated me right c; and thank you c;
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How would you describe how this fight finished, including the winners reaction.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk3DUCNsY1M
I have a toothache rn and its annoying
hehee :) love you :***** xxxxxxx
Love you too xxxxx
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whats the best thing Nathan's ever done for you?
Nathan's done plenty of good things for me, He's brought me food, supported me, missed footy games for me after buying a season ticket, just a lot
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hahaa nana :p xxxxxxx  Nathan Vaukins
nathan sh
wooo nanana :)
Are you not talking to any?
not at the moment, We do have lives and don't feel the need to talk 24/7.
So now that you're not busy with your party, how are your internet friends?
i dunno
What did you drink at the party?
Various ciders and a glass of sourz, vodka and lemonade
If your EX transformed into a bath towel as karma, what would you say to him as you wrapped the towel around you so that his face got pressed into your ass?
I wouldn't give him the pleasure of having his face pushed into arse.
If you beat a boy in a battle of the sexes fight, what would you say to him as you stood with one foot on his face? (survey)
For starts, I wouldn't have a battle of the sexes fight, and if I did it wouldn't be "if I beat him" woman are stronger than men at the end of the day, I mean, I don't see them push a human out of them. And I wouldn't have my foot on his face. So Yep. I'm not answering this
What are you busy doing?
I need to apply for ucas and I need to get ready and go to this party later
Name a few, I'm sure they won't mind
I'm not going to so fucking drop it.
How are your internet friends doing today?
I dunno. I'm busy so I'm not going to check up on them Rn
Who says they love your bum?
A few people. I'm not naming them
What is your best feature?
Probably my bum, everyone seems to love it
Kiss my neck
Nathan. Sh
joolly wumper
Sh Nathan.
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Well then
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