finger licking good
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woooo really?

yeah, running around in little red shorts, with there top off, getting all wet. yeah boyyyy

would you say being a lifeguard at 17 is an attractive job?

yes, sexxxxxxyyy

Guys in uniform ??

such as?

What are snail trails? You always say they turn you on

like a strip of hair under there belly button, mmm

Do you like Skaters?

not really:/ im more into like chavs haha

I wanna be your boyfriend girl your soo perfect to me <3

Hayden Pride

ew, we dont even know each other

Humans VS aliens. Who will win?


Do you prefer fruits or veggies?


why aren't you now?xx

didnt want to do it anymore and it took up too much time

Well id like to think so :) xx

goooood x

Whoop yeah I do wanna hehe I like giving massages :) xx

so im guessing your good at them then?x

are you a model?xx


Just wondered haha, can I do it? :) xx

if you wanna:)

Who gave you the massage? xxx

my ex used to all the time, why?

Have you ever had a foot massage before though? :) xxx


How about I rub them better anyway? Just to make them feel good? Hehe xx

yes please:)

When can I come rub your legs better then? Hehe xx

oh, there better now;o so next time i get pain in then haha

what underwear are you wearing?

urm, non, im in bed haha

What do you do in terms of education?xx


Do foot massages turn you on? Do you like them at all?:) xxx

no they dont turn me on, but they are nice to relieve the pain when you ache

Do you paint your toes? What colour?xx

well a dark color because no one will see it, so like dark blue:)))))

Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can.

yeeeeessss, but god sex does help.

you've got to pick someone who likes this to do them a fan sign?


Your so cute!xxxx

aw thankyou sugarplumb xx

I would love to rub your legs better and massage your feet, someone as beautiful as you needs someone to look after you and do things like that (that being me) ;)

yes pleassssseeeeeee x


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