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omg harry i love you so much you dont know how much you helped get through all my problems. you saved me and im so thankful for that. please notice me ❤❤❤❤  BEYONCÉ KNOWLES
You saved yourself, I love you, take care .x
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do u like Arianna grande????
Of course.
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do you still love Taylor?? sorry for this question
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Blank Space .
I really like this song.
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I will be so upset if I don't get noticed by you, you are my sunshine and you make me happy I love you so much, you are the only reason I smile and keep being the person I am, thanJuly for always being there for me Harry x  Sophie Dunn
You made my day, thank you. Lots of love .x
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I love you. ❤️
I love you more.
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Hey you! :3 how u r?
Pretty fine, I hope you're doing well too .x
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Do you believe in true love? Actual love that last life time not just couple of years
I really don't know a thing about love right now.
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u fev song in the album FOUR  AishaStyles
Night Changes and Spaces.
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Dreams do come true.
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And would you like to return in Rome one day..?  I Need Ni(all) ❤
For sure.
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Please answer this. How is Nialll? Describe him please <333
Niall is fine, he said hiiii! He's a good friend, my brother from another mother .x
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Do you liked Rome?
I love Rome .x
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what do you think about cara delevigne?
A lot of things :)
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can you say something in spanish please? Love you <3 te amo  Bitches everywhere
Te amo .x
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what do you think about emma watson?
She's a very talented woman.
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You Speak Spanish?
A few words.
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you dating with emma watson?
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I dare you to ask all your friends a different question each and leave your name
I'd rather ask my fans!
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What do you think about you? Youre the most beautiful guy in the world
I think I'm weird
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What do you think abot Barbara Palvin?
She's such an amazing girl.
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how do you feel today?  Carito F(^~^)
Well, what about you?
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Harry, who is the girl in your profile picture?  Cat
My sister.
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Selfie?  Cara Delevingne
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