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Today is my birthday! ✈️
Happy birthday...I hope you're having a good one so far .x
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Dont answer✋.
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so are u believe in "real love"???
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Happy birthday to my brother from another mother ‎@ZaynMalikOf1D. Aren't you feeling 22?  Harry Styles
Happy birthday to my brother from another mother @ZaynMalikOf1D. Aren't you feeling 22?
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Are you and nadine leopold dating
I really want good questions
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Who is the quietest in 1D
No one.
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harry ? i want to tell you something private but i don't know where :(
What's your kik?
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Y r u soo wierd no offence
Weird is sexy.
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harry I'm sad :( can you tell me everything is going to be ok?♥your wonderful love you ♥
I feel you, everything is going to be okay sooner o later..
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Harry... let's get married
Why not.
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Hey. I love you  mutime ✔❤️❤️♛
I love you more .x
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I don't listen to any of 1D songs but I respect your band and there's no reason why I should hate you.
Obviously there isn't. I respect you as well and I'm glad you're back, mate.
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Are you real Harry Styles ?
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-  Harry Styles
This year was the best one so far...I wanna say thanks to every single one of you for making it the best one for me. I'm grateful for all the people I got to meet this year, specially someone who made everything so much better for me. So many great memories that I will never forget. Happy new years eve, enjoy with your loved ones. Lots of love, H.
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First liker gets your kik?
I don't wanna give out my kik, sorry. But you guys can give me yours and I might kik some of you later.
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100 likes = 1 question? :)  Aura
No, no, no - like this for a question. :)
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seriously ask,you smoke?
I don't.
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single or taken?
Single :)
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Merry Christmas everyone .xx
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omg harry i love you so much you dont know how much you helped get through all my problems. you saved me and im so thankful for that. please notice me ❤❤❤❤  Cece
You saved yourself, I love you, take care .x
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do u like Arianna grande????
Of course.
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do you still love Taylor?? sorry for this question
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Blank Space .
I really like this song.
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I will be so upset if I don't get noticed by you, you are my sunshine and you make me happy I love you so much, you are the only reason I smile and keep being the person I am, thanJuly for always being there for me Harry x  Sophie Dunn
You made my day, thank you. Lots of love .x
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I love you. ❤️
I love you more.
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