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la cosa mas estupida que has vistoo
el pelo de the weeknd
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What's a good way to get over depression?
i I don't know, stop overthinking and being alone all the time, just go out and try to forget about everything bad and enjoy
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How old are you? If you don't mind me asking. Your real age? :)
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Hola! Tenes tatuajes? Y si no tenes, que te harias? Pasate por mi ask, te sigo! Un beso♥  Cande †
si tengo uno
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whats your name
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hola :3
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do u support israel or GAZZA
i support the peace but yeah, gaza x)
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this  andrew
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what song is that? :)
Wisin & Yandel - Algo Me Gusta De Ti ft. Chris Brown, T-Pain
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lyrics of the song you're listening to now :)
Me vuelve loco tu pelo, tu boca, tu piel,tu cintura dura dura ehhh (...) ive been looking for you for a while now oh and i, i just cant get you off my mind so mama just hold my hand and move your body, im your man i need your body (...) seguimos acercandonos tu y yo ohh sintiendonos, besandonos (...) man i gotta get to her, shes the only one i want up in my crib ohh in my crib, cus i think i fit with her, and i dont think she knows how beautiful she is ohh she issss
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have you ever lost a "best friend"
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¿Por qué las personas son tan falsas?
Me lo pregunto todos los dias
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Donde editas tus fotos?
solo agrego los filters de ig pero un lugar bueno para editar fotos es piZap
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I love you .. I guess you're real? ,,do you have facebook?
nah i'm not harry but anyway i think it is or maybe he hasnt one idk
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What is necessary in a family?
idk love respect
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What do u think is the most important thing in a relationship ?
trust, honesty
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Directioners Indonesia Love you very Much. Do you love me?
i a m n o t h a r r y hahha
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you a friend from Harry?
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need 20 shots of vodka or better a blunt
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i hate One direction
well that's not my business
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life is fair because it's unfair to everyone
that's deep
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you are ok ?
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why have you had a bad day? ):
life is unfair and it suckss
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you love me ?
well i don't know who you are
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why is your Name "realharrystyles" when you are not Harry?
Who knows
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