andrew @RealHarryStyles1D
I'm not harry !
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is your girlfriend Brazilian ?
nope, half spanish and half portuguese
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when you hear a new song, what attracts you the most : the music or the lyrics ?  Psycho-killer
Lyrics most of the time but has to have a good rhythm with it
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¿Canción favorita de rock?
Rock alternativo hm the reason
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¿Siempre dices todo lo que piensas?  Hide in her own thoughts.
si, aunque me siento mas confiable en decir lo que pienso cuando estoy alrededor de gente en que confio
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ccomo se diz arranjei em espanhol, alguém sabe?
si supiera lo que significara
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If you're not Harry, why is your name "real harry styles"???
who cares im saying im not harry and thats what matters
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why do you guys never come to Wisconsin? I wanna meet you: ) your bae
I'm not harry!
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Post a selfie
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What is the thing that you're afraid of it when I was a small :)  M.H.G
I wasn't afraid of anything when I was a kid, even my grandma thinks so. She always tells me all the things I used to say or do when I was a kid and how I said I'd defend myself if something happened to me lol
ps: I think I was afraid of clowns tho
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Hi, you're really cute  Gisell:)
thank you :)
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¿Cual es tu animal favorito? Ok, creo que en este momento se entiende bien que no se que preguntar úwú  Hide in her own thoughts.
Los cachorros jajaja te preguntare yo a ti
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What does it mean you love :)  M.H.G
what do you mean?
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iam really happy right now :) because you answer me ♥ my friend ♥ ;)
i'm glad haha :)
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can we will be friends ♥
for sure :)
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¿Te gustar odiar a alguna persona?  Hide in her own thoughts.
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How many tattoos do you have ?
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<3  Dona
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¿Algunas vez te enojaste tanto que insultaste a alguien que te importaba?  Hide in her own thoughts.
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Cual es la cosa mas inutil q habeis echo? Att:  Ariadnah
no se x)
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What was the last song that u heard?
Wiggle lol I thought it was a stupid song but now i can't stop listening to it
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I'm happy after seeing the answer ❥  Raghoda❥
haha i'm glad :3
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How are you  Raghoda❥
I'm pretty good and you :)
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Cool tattoo /.\  Maria Alejandra
yup thats not my tattoo tho
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Me das un consejo?  Emmanuel Villamayor.
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¿Alguna sentiste que no eras lo suficiente para alguna persona?  Hide in her own thoughts.
Siempre lol
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