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do you have any updated bap album sales for 2016? I found a chart for hanteo but the breakdown is missing noir.

http://www.bapyessir.com/p/biography_3.html Check here, it should be updated to reflect album sales at the end of the time line.

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http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x10ppcg , it's really a nice video and song. Do you still keep the mp3 track for this robot ver? Will you create other songs' robot ver?

Thank you! As of now, no we won't be making any other robot versions and sadly we don't have the track on hand anymore.

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Hello? Where can I watch the Fly High making video?

Could you make a post about where to buy B.A.P's Fly High Album ? =)

You can buy all three versions from Amazon Japan, Yesasia, and CD Japan. Those three are english friendly and will ship to the US and other countries.

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would buying a meet and greet album from mwave count towards hanteo chart?

No it doesn't to our knowledge.

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is there somewhere we can watch the entire Melon showcase?

Check out 1thek's twitter and youtube channel


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I recently bought a Noir album on eBay, does eBay count on the Hanteo and Gaon Charts? If not i might as well get my money back and buy one from somewhere it will count.

Ebay does not count to our knowledge. Unless other stated on the sellers page.

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until when is the voting period for MTV EMA Best Korea Act? Do I just click "vote" repeatedly to increase votes?

Till November 4 you can vote once every 10 minutes

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when will B.A.P make a comeback?

We will find out soon it seems!

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Are you upload bap one fine day with eng subtitle?

We will try but make no promises

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Where would I be able to watch BAP's one fine day? I looked at mbc plus and I couldn't find it... also all of their videos are unavailable in Australia. Will it be streamed somewhere else? Possibly on V?

I'm outdated for a long time. I just want to know what is B.A.P One Fine Day all about? Why BABYs ask about 'an actress instead of a fan thing'? Where and what are their CFs/parody for? Are there only three of them? I want to watch their latest videos, could you update me? Thanks in advance!! ^^

One Fine Day: http://www.bapyessir.com/2016/10/mbc-baps-one-fine-day-in-hawaii.html
The actress thing with it was originally they were "holding" a contest for someone to go o the show but turned out it was already chosen (an actress) so fans were upset.

The CF's are from the 3rd BABY Day event I do believe. So TS is just releasing them for all to see. Check around on Youtube for some latest videos (Mato TV ON Air, etc)

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Do you have list someplace on site for all BAP shows done?


Check in our archives, we have it listed by year since debut.

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Do you know when will the BAP One fine Day be out ??????

The first episode will air on October 17th at 7pm KST!

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I was wondering if there are any websites that are going to sell the merch from BABY 3rd Fanmeeting [MATO TV] Thanks!

Check at Kpoptown and it's subsidiaries (Kpopmart, etc). I know in the past they've sold concert merch but not sure if they'll sell Baby3rd meeting merch.

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I tried joining the fancafe but I made a mistake and got rejected. I don't know how reply to fix it, do you have a tutorial or something that can help me?

helloo, i wanna ask something, there are General tickets for BAP 3rd Baby Day... can I (as non Official 3rd Baby Generation) buy those ticket ? Or should we show our Official 3rd Baby Gen at the hall's entrance ?

Yes you can still buy the tickets. But it wouldn't hurt to have your club card on you as well.

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Do you know if Memory Lane let BABYz to do gifs from her videos? Thanks xx

Don't know but try asking her on twitter. :)

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If the boys upload something in the fancafe can we post it anywhere else? Or if they release a video can we make gif of it?

It's noted that items such as videos etc that are from the BABY3 board aren't to be shared outside of the fan cafe. Best bet is to not post it anywhere if at all possible.

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Any ideas as to whether the October comeback will be full album or mini album??

Not sure what it's going to be. We just have to wait for the teasers and more info to come out.

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I know this is a silly question but I'm curious whether or not it is possible to work for b.a.p as a stylist/english tutor/translator,or just basically a job at their company?


That we aren't sure on as it's up to TS's discretion on who they hire and for what they are hired for.

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ISAC will be airing on 15 sept @ 5:15PM kst for part 1 and @ 6:35PM kst for part 2. The pyeongchang winter olympics kpop festival concert that was on 8sept will be airing on 25sep 5:15PM kst :-)

Thank you! I did see someone compiled that info and have updated the site. :)

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do you know if they will air the pyongchang olympic kpop concert and the festival from last night?

Most likely not but we will be on lookout for it!

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when will they air the idol athletic championship???

We don't know yet but hopefully soon!

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Can i send one of the Member a letter or a mail? Maybe at the official Fancafè, is it possible?


You can send letters to the members. Here's the address:

TS Entertainment
140-894 Seoul City
Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong
788-6 3rd Floor
South Korea

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