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Im launching a new gym apparel for women any thoughts?

Think of the plus size and large busted women we need the support

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If I forgave you for breaking my heart, would you treat me better? No more games or bs... just me and you only! No outsiders, no x's, no nothing! JUST YOU AND ME AND OUR LIL BABY🤔

Lol wow

Have you ever treated someone with utmost care & respect only for them to purposely try & hurt you.


If you ever see me again, don't speak. You broke my heart. You showed you don't care and now I want you all the way out my life. Even if you wanted me back, you can no longer have me. I deserve wayyyyyyy better.


You don't exist to me until you show I exist to you I won't take the bs or treated like shit no more lol

Then you shouldn’t have treated me shitty in the first place


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