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I have issues with my giantess fetish, it's extremely embarrassing for me and hell my girlfriend was talking about how her last boyfriend had a foot fetish and she hates it. Any tips on coming out with the Fetish?

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Gently. o.o 'Babe, I think I've got a kinda weird fantasy. I really like/love you and I want to share it with you, but I don't want you to think I'm weird.' If you can't stomach bringing it up and hoping she doesn't resent you for it, you got two options. Don't tell her and pornify EVERYTHING, or it's likely not gonna work out...

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Do you think it's shocking/eerie for the tiny, if it was in front of you and you noticed it and quickly stepped on it, that it's life was ending under the big bare sole of a girl they'd never seen before until a few seconds ago, a "random" stranger taking everything away with her sole and pressure?

I'd imagine their final moments would depend on if they thought I knew about them or not. It'd either be "Now wait, Goddess! I'm not a bug! I'm a real human be-"*SQUISH* or "Wait! No! Don't squi-" *SQUISH*. o.o Either way, sheer panic.

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