Amber S.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you were female for one day?

Probably experiment with my clit, see how it feels, find out the best ways to touch it. Would probably try out with a dildo, just to feel what vaginal penetration feels like. Beyond that, I don't think it'd be *too* much different for me!

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Any chance I could convince you to play dommy?

This is a question I get a lot actually! Sadly, I don't play Amber as dominant. To me the "point" of the character is that she is a soft, gentle, motherly/housewife type with a strong submissive streak. That's what is fun about Amber! I wish you the best of luck, though!

So, are you dick and vag or vag and dick?

No vagina. I have a penis and testicles, so any penetrative sex has to be done orally or anally.

have you ever had cum on your feet? if so please describe, in detail, how it happened and what you did

Sure, when I accidentally came on them after masturbating! Hehe, but seriously, I have had cum on my feet when giving someone a foot job, as in I had their cock between my feet and was stroking them. Eventually they climaxed. It was a good feeling, although it was funny seeing my toes all gooey!

31 year old virgin, now that is a lovely kink. What is your favorite way to be taken for the "first time"?

Princess_Zerana’s Profile PhotoZerana
I like her losing her virginity to be especially embarrassing! My favorite way is to do it after Amber has already ejaculated many, many times, during the foreplay, so when the actual big moment comes it's especially embarrassing when she can't ejaculate or stay up! I had a scene recently where Amber had ejaculated so much, she was so wet she wasn't sure she had actually penetrated. She had to take her partner's word for it. ((And if that's not TMI, I don't know what is!)

How would you feel if somebody locked you cock away into a small chastity cage.

Hmm, a lot of things! Probably sore, needy, horny, obedient and servile all at once! The thought of chastity cages get me more excited than I should probably admit...

How does it feel that pretty shemales and herms are your Goddess's favorite creations? So full of lust..

Well, first it *really* turns me on, then it makes me want to touch myself while thinking very, very bad thoughts. I hope that's not a punishable offense! Or maybe I do? Hmm!

do you like femboys?

Sometimes! Sometimes I'm just not in the mood, but other times I am. I can be swayed if they're good RP'ers and respectful/interesting out of character. Also, I don't like shota femboy. That doesn't do anything for me.

How would you like being tied up, spread eagle while I tease that little cock of yours? ;)

Sinigalmurdoch’s Profile PhotoSinigal Murdoch
I would be so turned on, it'd be a miracle if I were to last 2 seconds! I'll send you a note on f-list.... ^//^

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