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Oh an while we're at that, didnt you fuck you're sisters ex? Girl youve got a big mouth!!!! Maybe if you wouldnt brag not as many people would know. And you're friends like to spread stuff to.

Hell no my sisters ex is black no thanks! And don't talk about my sister either! He tried to sleep with me! And I said hell no and told my sister! Damn you sure do know alot! Now fuck off! I
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Do you're going to defend Brittany? She don't like you either! You fucked the father of her baby! And plenty other people. Brittany can hold her own.

Plenty of other people? Will? Yeah twos a whole fuckin lot! And yes I will defend Brittany! And if you have a problem with it fuck off.

Technically BROOKE didn't come out of my mouth. I typed it.

Well don't even type her name!! Don't even think about her! GOT IT!

So let me get this straight you tried to fuck your cousins husband & you did fuck your friends ex? You are such a great person!

I didnt try to fuck Jeffery! Didnt even want to fuck Jeffery! And me and Alex Brittany know that's all that matters that mine hers and Alexa business so either get a life or just shut up!

I doubt she gets mad at me for saying she should beat your ass. Do you not know you aren't supposed to fuck your friends exes i mean weren't yall friends?

She still doesn't wanna be in this shit. Her and Alex are now together and happy so she's not worried about me!

You have a hell of a lot of nerve to quote the Bible after all the shit you've done.

Yes I do! I know I've done wrong! Like you haven't!

You do care about Jeffery. You've said so yourself and not as "family" either! And as far as Brooke goes? Neither her or you should be drinking, YOU'RE BOTH UNDERAGE!

Let me tell you something and you better understand it and GOOD!! Don't you EVER have my cousins name come outta your mouth AGAIN got it?? She more of a person than you'll ever be!! She doesn't drink she has a daughter she takes care I she a mother! And a dang good one!! So don't you ever say anything bad about her!

Immature? Not at all. Trying to make you feel like a "piece" of shit? Not at all. Speaking the truth? Yes very true. You ain't gotta get sassy with me cause you know it's true. It's alright sweetheart accepting the truth is the 1st step.

None of what you saying is true considering I'm not worth nothing. Two yes immature considering your starting shit. Three I'm not "sassy" I know what's happened in my life roman 3:23 please go ready it. Because before you start pointing out my flaws please make sure your plate is clean. I haven't started shot with you so what's your reason to start shit with me oh wait you don't have one. So please GET A LIFE! And leave me ALONE

Thought? No honey that's the fuckin truth. Bless it I'd hate to know I was worth nothing.

See your trying to make feel like a price of shit right?? It's not workin thanks for trying! See there's this thing called not giving a fuck! So if could please find a life of your own? Instead of invading in on my which has nothing to do with an anonymous user that's to immature to say who you really are!

Don't you known that 99% of the guys you've slept with only fucked you for a piece of ass? Cuz that's all your worth. But yet you get so attached!!! So funny it is!!

I'm glad you think that. Thank you now you can leave me alone!
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I sure do! It's Mantachie. U not know that everybody knows ur business. U sure seem like ur crushing on him or somethin!!

They're married? I'm happy for my Maggie Brooke Hurd! Jeffery's got a great girl on his hands and I'd do anything for her! So either you can keep my cousins name outta your mouth or you can go say something to HER face about something that's got to do with HER husband!
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Why are you lying? I can name two off the top of my head that you messed with that you clearly shouldn't have.

I don't mess with other people's guys so please off my page with crazy ass lies.
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