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‏إذا آثَرت قيام ليلة شاتية على دِفء فراشك، فليَهنك هذا: (إن الله ليضحك إلى رجل قام فى ليلة باردة من فراشه ولحافه فتوضأ، ثم أقام الصلاة.ويقول للملائكة:ما حمل عبدي على هذا؟ فيقولون:ربنا! رجاء ما عندك، وشفقة مما عندك. فيقولﷻ فإني قد أعطيته ما رجا،وأمنته مما يخاف، ورزقته ما يتمنى)❤️

I’m sorry I don’t know how to speak Arabic if you could please translate

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Am i being gaslighted? I got offended by something someone said, eventually i told the person and they got mad at me for “Making assumptions” of what they said. Says I shouldn’t feel that way because thats not what they meant and didn’t apologize. I feel embarrassed, I shouldn’t have said anything

I don’t even know what gaslight means I’m sorry

How would one keep away negative energy and such during tarot readings? I’m scared I brought something into this house as I was doing a harmless reading. Like last night, I had a weird dream about some kind of monster or something coming at me.

Bro really


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