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this really is not meant to hate, because hate is ruining the fanbase. so u really hope you don't take this the wrong way, and if you're offended I'm very, very sorry. but weren't you a Mikey girl in the beginning? when did you switch to Jason? is there a specific reason? sorry lol just curious

Yeah, Mikey was my favorite.. But I gradually started to like Jason more. Idk. No specific reason.

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Fan sign on your feet? You can put "Anon". Please?

I don't like my feet.
I never wear open toe shoes. Never.

can i be u ? ur perfect

If that means I don't have to look like me anymore, than sure!
I'm not perfect - but thanks ❤

ur so pretty im jealous and when r going to see the boyz again.??

I'm not pretty! (/.\)
And Orlando Finals in July ❤


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