Take any four of your favourite anime characters, and shift their personalities across (1's personality is transplanted on to 2, 2->3,3->4,4->1) how does this change in personality affect the series they star in?

Alright, running down the first four characters I've listed on MAL, we've got a pretty good spread there - Kino, Shinji Ikari, Nanami Kiryuu, and Tsubasa Hanekawa. Let's move 'em like
Hanekawa -> Eva
Shinji -> Kino's Journey
Kino -> Revolutionary Girl Utena
Nanami -> Monogatari
Hanekawa to Eva would be a lot of fun, but it'd be pretty different depending on what Hanekawa we're talking about. Early Hanekawa is a lot, lot, lot like Asuka - obviously they have extremely different outwards temperaments, but both of them are driven by broken homes to present an outward appearance of constant strength and excellence, each in their own way doing their best to be a person others might take pride in. I have a feeling these similarities would not result in them becoming the best of friends, but I think Hanekawa and Misato would actually get along - it'd be somewhere between Shinji and Ritsuko's relationships with her, where Hanekawa is basically her friend and also kind of the parent of the house. /Late/ Hanekawa would trample all over Eva - she's way too self-actualized for that show by the time she earns her stripes. If Hanekawa intimidated Kaiki, there's no fucking way Gendo would have much power over her.
Shinji in Kino's Journey would be much like Shinji in almost any show - he'd sit in the corner and be sad. Kino's Journey is all about reducing the self to honestly engage with other cultures, and Shinji is basically the opposite of that - he is permanently stuck in his own head. That said, I'm guessing going on a long trip and meeting new people would be good for the kid, so maybe it'd be more a story of him growing up across diverse experiences. As long as he didn't end up writing a "I went to the Land of Books and now I have a whole new perspective on foreign cultures" tourism essay, I'd be okay with that.
Kino is way too goddamn powerful for Revolutionary Girl Utena. That's a show about adolescents being dominated by adolescent anxieties, but I'm pretty sure Kino would treat Dios about as respectfully as she treated the Coliseum king. Kino would solve Utena in about five episodes and then get on to the next country.
Somehow I have a feeling that Nanami and Nadeko would get along. They're both play-actors and they're both self-absorbed, and it would be a very fake friendship, but I could see that being a really interesting dynamic. Though honestly, the Nanami transplant I'd most like to see is Nanami dicking around in Kino's Journey, generally being the most insufferable tourist you could possibly imagine.

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