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Would it be wrong (in your eyes) if someone didn’t want to officially date you but they were perfectly fine with texting you and talking to you in private? That’s the kind of situationship I’d actually be ok with tbh.

Why do you want that so bad with me lol

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It was seriously me, making eye contact with you & you turning the other way when I seen you. Scared to speak? ;)

Im confused? Mark is not dajjal

So when you tell a that you have feelings for “Yes I sure will headmaster” and he says in return “As long as you know who’s the head of the school your fine.” What does he mean by what he said?

He is not dajjal lol

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They say good things don’t come easy… has anything good ever happened to you without you having to work too hard for it?

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Yup I just got to open my hands


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