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Can love turn into friendship after being rejected?

francesloveless’s Profile PhotoFrances Loveless
Yes, for some people, but not all the time as people may think it is hard to go back to being friends with that person. That rejected your love

I want to sell my Apple Watch But I don’t have that much left to pay it off Can I still transfer it to someone else?

The problem that I have with Apple devices is the fact it links to all your apps and photos, and it has an automatic sign up feature included into all Apple Devices cloud storage even when you factory reset it is still saved on your storage of that Apple device leaving it open for hackers. The best thing to do is not to link other Apple devices to each other but every time you go into a social media app or game do not save. Your password or any information sign out after using different apps when it comes to photos do not back it up on your Apple device make sure you have a basic laptop not a MacBook or different types of tablets. You can buy an internal hard drive – 2 TB plug it into your laptop. Transfer your photos to that portable hard drive and your contacts. Do not link it to any other device either. Do not use the pin code, either or face scan a fingerprint It makes it easy for hackers to get into your Facebook passwords when you get different apps, do not buy anything That are part of those apps If you do, you’ll start getting spam calls and emails that’s why do you have to sign out of your apps on your Apple devices, and do not save them when it comes to your payments For apps and games that I purchased when you buy some thing, delete your bank card right away after you purchase some thing the next time it goes through to collect the payment Enter your card information again And make that payment Then delete your payment details Once more after that Make sure you stay away for apps That say you can make money those apps are not real they only give you spam calls and text messages and emails That eventually will slow down your phone Make you have problems in the future when you have to buy a updated phone The app you should not purchase are Casino apps Black jack apps Any app that tells you that they will give you money but you need a PayPal account or a cash app ora Facebook account well, they wanted me to Twitter And Instagram They are a sign of scams that are used to hack your information and that’s why, Facebook? It’s always hacking into your devices make sure you sign out of all your apps and turn off notifications So they can’t track you I do not use mirroring either or do not share photos either on these apps And make sure with your emails on all of your apps i’m every device and Video game system when it comes to your username and email Make sure you have multiple Emails and usernames so they can’t track you or hack you Make sure I use a very hard password Do not write down the password, either on any of these devices because sometimes when you save it into your notes, and you update these devices, they can steal, from you your information from your notes what I use is A username that is very hard to hack And passwords that I can’t remember because if you can’t remember your password, it is a good thing because no one will be able to get into it because if you use a password that you can remember most likely someone else Will

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What is a good gift to give a woman who is your friend?

I get asked this question a lot first off take the time out to see what she really enjoys then second proceed to buy her a gift pertaining to what she enjoys if she enjoys movies find out what genre of movie that she likes get her some thing from that movie she told you she doesn’t really watch movies most likely she does even if she likes a TV show get her some thing obtaining to the TV show like a poster If she likes music, find out just by asking her Who her favorite singer is If she has a record player, get her to record of that singer if she doesn’t get her a MP3 player if she doesn’t already have one and make a mixtape of the songs that she enjoys That way she can listen to it and your gift won’t go away unappreciated
You can do small things too. You can get her some nice sunglasses make sure that they’re her favorite color oryou can buy her a friendship bracelet or a unlock it with a picture of U2 inside, it do a lot of different choices that you can get for a woman that is your friend you can buy her any type of jewelry, but make sure that is some thing from not hart she will appreciate it it’s the thought that counts what I would do is get away birthstone it’s gonna be a necklace or a ring or earrings with her birthstone in it that shows friendship as well

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What does it mean when a girl says “respect my relationship”? Does that mean I have to get extra sweet and buy flowers and food for her now to get her to say yes to me?

It’s not about getting her to say yes or to even say no at that matter but to understand her needs that she also feels self Worth you should try to understand where she’s coming from as a person. Remember, she also feels as you do if you are confused by her actions and don’t know what to do because of you feel everything that you do tend to get her annoyed. But you should take a step back, and just communicate with her as a person And spend quality time and try not to rush her, because if you just started a relationship with each other, sometimes us as men can I ask you get me push the love ones let me love the most away by overcrowded them Give her space when she asked, but still communicate with her do not fully give her space by Ignoring her or her needs Let her know that she is beautiful and that she matters say this in the text 1. when you go to the store? Ask her if she needs anything She’ll most likely Tell you now, but buy her something anyway Even if it’s small like a little stuffed animal do I have things from the hart shows her that you think about her 2 Walk next to her side-by-side not in front or the back, but side-by-side engage a look at her as you are walking beside her as she goes to walk into a store reach out and open the door for her 3 let her know how beautiful she is give her a compliment every time you see her or even when you talk to her on the phone let her know how beautiful she is 4 send pictures of romantic pictures not sexual but pictures of roses or Batman and cat woman use nicknames to show how beautiful she is to you call her cat eyes or use this name call her your wonder woman then last, but not least tell her this word for word
I appreciate everything that you are and I love the fact that I got to meet you and to be with you I just wanna let you know that I appreciate you because you are important and you matter to
After The steps I just give you she should be enticed inflated from your charm
And don’t forget fellow men out there don’t be afraid to be yourself don’t be anything that your not don’t let anybody change you and do not try to change anybody else because if she doesn’t respect that, I respect you being yourself then maybe she’s not the one for you

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I haven’t eaten in 3 days does that make me bipolar?

That depends if you feel not hungry it just means you’re not hungry at that moment but you should still eat something having bipolar just means that you have mood swings. It doesn’t mean not getting hungry and not eating.
If you have any questions about your weight, of feeling bloated that could mean A sign of bipolar
Which affects most females, because it is different for men with bipolar females experience bipolar in a different way than men
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