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Should the government ban drag shows? Thoughts 💭 🤔

The government needs to get their shit together before they worry about a god damn drag show. How about you take care of inflation, minimum wage, housing for veterans, basic healthcare for all?

Hey when they say “it’s me not you” means it’s actually you is the problem. Now you know. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🤦🏻‍♂️

Are you new here

Back middle school and HS, how often did you trip your classmates in the cafeteria while they are carrying their lunch tray? #bullying

Never… that’s fucked up

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On a scale of 0-10, how well can you eat a meal inside your car while driving?

10. I am always pressed for time so I can multitask in so many ways

I once attended a college lecture and found out that the math professor was a trans woman. I walked out. Justified? 😧🙄😳😤

What an odd thing to say out loud, it’s givingggg transphobic

Do you know “time heals all wounds” is total BS & stupid? Don’t forgive & never ever forget. 😳🙄😪


Do you ever want to say something but then realize that it’s not going to make a difference or change your life in any way so you just keep your thoughts to yourself?

Nah you can’t get me to ever shut tf up

If you found out a friend had betrayed you, but you love them, would you let it go without telling them?

Absolutely not, I’ve had so many friendships end because of betrayal, I’m not one to sugar coat and let shit slide. I call it out and say bye


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