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Pancakes or Waffles? And with that answer: Butter or no butter?

Pancakes and NO butter! Because waffles get soggy after awhile and you can't nom on them later with jam or something. ;3

A while back during some talk session in 2012, Yoshi-P and Matsui-P (XI Producer) were on stage, and talked of possibly doing something together with the two games. If you had that chance, what would you do?

Hrm. That is hard. I suppose an enemy that was very powerful and existed in both worlds. Something that can only be defeated if people from both games actually pooled together to work to defeat it. Or if they let us enslave Elezen again. Cause you know... Dhalmels!

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We all know the Lightning inclusion into XIV has raised quite a stir in the community. If Yoshi-P announced that in patch 2.3 they were adding another former prominent character from the series, how would you feel about that?

Knowing how Lightning is being implemented, I would be ok with it. Its optional, I won't see dead characters in there, and it doesn't seem to be tied to the main storyline. I'll start flipping tables tho if Sephiroth makes his way in though. I am sure I will see enough variations of him in game!

I heard that you love publishers as much as I do. Can you please let me know what's your favorite, what color, and what kind of special journey/adventure you had with it? Thanks!

I think my definition of publisher is different than yours, so its really hard for me to answer this one. :x I http://m.dictionary.com/d/?q=publisher
If its books, I prefer hardbacks or electronic versions. I have grown to love reading on my kindle because of the built in dictionary and bookmarking feature.
If you mean a journal, I have had many. I am actually very picky about a lot of aspects of one. Such as paper quality, thickness, general construction, and look. Paper quality is very key because of the different types of writing tools I like to use.
If you meant neither of these, I'm incredibly sorry I don't understand. (; ^;)

Do you like bananas

I love bananas! I eat em in cereal, frozen, chilled, as banana nut bread, in pancakes... The list goes on! Yay for bananas!

Are you excited for A Realm Reborn? :3

HELL FUCKING YES. I just try not to think about it because then I become a sad emo filled Lala who wants to sit in the corner, rock back and forth, and ask, "Why Yoshi-P? Why you no love me? WHHHHHHHHHHHHHY!?" And that ain't fun.

What do you think of blue-haired miqo'te? They're the best, right?

They are so awesome I plan to nom their tails. Maybe rest my head on their boobs, er, mallows.

What are you obsessed with?

I'm not obsessed with anything at the moment. I'm saving my energy for XIV and PAX Prime!

At what age do you consider someone old?

When they lose their sense of humor. My grandma is 80 something, and I think she is younger than that because of her sense of humor! :) But serious teens make me think they are waaaay older than they are because, who wants to be an old, serious fart?

Hey do you use any live chat software like chatwing during podcasts?

No, we don't. If we do a normal show, we record on Skype and post it a few days later. If we do live shows, we do it primarily via twitch and sometimes on Google Hangouts. If people want more live shows, the best way to let us know is to e-mail us, poke us on twitter, or leave a comment on our forums.
We have no idea if people want certain things or not, and so its hard to gauge if they want more or less of something in particular. But let us know, and we will see if we can work it out. It never hurts to ask!

You can have 1 custom plushie made of someone, who do you choose? Yelta, Orophen or Yoshi-P?

At first I wrote "Not Yelta, because I want to NOM her", but she is the logical choice here. If I pick out Orophen or Yoshi-P, a part of me will feel weird if I end up hugging them against my breasts. Orophen would be thinking weird things, and Yoshi-P... Wouldn't he think I'm being too fresh!?! ; ^; At least I won't be afraid of the doll coming to life and molesting me if its Yelta or deciding I need a wardrobe change (I feel I would look awkward next to Yoshi-P)!

When is the next sbxiv? :-)

We are planning to record tonight! Rubicon will be hosting tonight's show, but unfortunately Frei won't be joining us :(

What was the last CD you bought?

Oh shit... um... o_o; Good question. What IS the last CD I bought!?! I can tell you what I bought last on iTunes! :D E.S. Posthumus Unearthed!

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