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Did you enjoy XIV 1.0? And if tou did, how did you felt when SE closed the servers?

I did enjoy 1.0! It had its problems, sure, but I still found a great deal of enjoyment out of it. When SE closed the servers I was kinda sad, but it also helped me focus on my studies more. lol XD but it also left a gap where I couldn't play with friends anymore and that really sucked. Looking forward to reconnecting though and meeting new friends in ARR!

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Has anyone irl ever recognized you from sbxiv or zantetsuken?

Nope! I would be surprised if someone did! I am no one really important tho so...

How will the Prepaid cards for XIV work?

We don't know yet. At the moment I'm assuming it is JP only. Nothing has yet to be announced for NA and EU. :(

How do you like your dongles?

On my desktop, I prefer them slim and small. Remember, size doesn't matter! Its how you use em! But if its the OTHER kind....

Meant to say do you like it .. I don't know where your mind goes. Ill just dip my big spoon into this sticky pudding and nom away to myself then.

I don't know where my mind goes either! If I knew, then I wouldn't have nearly as many complaints! I'm going to lick your spoon though. Take it all into my mouth and lick it clean till every bit of sticky pudding is gone. THERE. HAPPY!?

Do you sticky toffee pudding with creamy custard?

(•̪ o •̪) I don't know the answer to this question! Plus I started to think of very wrong things. Like... Well... You don't want to know!

Did not expect Tetris lol you are a Nintendo fangirl! What was your favourite children's tv program? I won't know it though

Hrm. Captain N and the Super Mario Bros show lulz

What are your favourite non-FF games you've ever played? :-)

Tetris. I used to be a huge Tetris junkie! I also really like Lufia 2. I bawled so hard at the end that I can never watch the end of that game again. I also really like Paper Mario. It's really cute and fun to play! Oh and can't forget Phoenix Wright!
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I got a really stupid question about XIV :x I am afraid that i won't be able to play XIV because i can't get past the account registering section :x Is it gonna be difficult or do you just need to log in on you're SE account to play? (Sorry for this stupid question, but it was bugging me for days)

You need an SE Account. If you have problems, I would contact customer support. I don't know what problems you have so I don't know how to help better ;-;

What's your favorite episode of sbxiv and why?

My favorite is actually a Go Team Derp episode where Orophen and I got into a shouting match on chocobos for DoL and DoH. :p we got REALLY heated. Ok, just me. But it was funny to me and still is!

Zantetsuken has been in "beta" for about as long as any site SE makes. What's the deal?

We are updating the layout! Orophen is super busy with a LOT of things and was always making major tweaks, which is why it was left in beta :x

Awesome :D Thanks for all the information, on what server will you be playing during Phase 4?


Aww, to bad :c I hope they will be available for PS3 users also, otherwise, FFXIV is only gonna last a month for me ;-; Thanks for answering all my (stupid) questions btw :3

Someone just said time cards will work with ps3! :)

The timecards will be work for any platform, they don't have to worry. Is SB going to do a live launch podcast?

Should we!? Let us know what you want and if enough people ask we will try to do something!

Thanks, i already noticed that there where prepaid cards for XIV, but am i able to use them for my ps3? Or are they PC only? (Sorry for my terrible English, working on it! ^^)

I currently can't say. I haven't heard much about how PS3 users will get to pay ;-;

This is gonna be my first Final Fantasy MMO, Pre-ordered it yesterday. I loved the beta so much, that i had to buy it! (The only problem is that i don't own a creditcard so idk how i'm gonna pay the fee, but i will find a solution)

Get a prepaid credit card. If you have a bank account, get a Paypal account and pay with that. There MIGHT be time cards outside of JP so that is another alternative. :) I think GameStop also has a prepaid card for one of the payment options that SE has. I will try to do an article on this if its needed.
But I hope you have a blast with XIV! It's always good to know people are getting into it!

Have you and Yelta ever actually drank together? If so, who's wackier? LOVE THE SHOW!!!!

Nope! I actually don't drink much. I can count on one hand how many times I drink a year. But I plan to do a little bit of drinking during PAX with the guys. And thanks for loving the show! :D

In light of the topics in SBXIV:62, a hypothetical Q: If a larger gaming website network came to you and the crew, and offered to take in Zantetsuken and associated projects under their banner, but said you needed to change a thing or two, would you consider it?

Nope. The thing is, we do this for fun. Certain people do this as a way to break into the industry, some are like us, and some are wanting to be famous. That is why I am not at all bothered we aren't well known or people call us unprofessional. That is OK with me. A lot of us are already professionals on our respective fields and aren't looking to do a career change.
But if someone wanted us under a banner, and they said... "Calaera has to go..." Because well, I am a loose canon? Then they may as well make their own stuff, right? Its the same if they ask for someone else to leave. I would be adamant about it and wouldn't want that at all.

I wan't A Realm Reborn so bad too, i keep telling myself not to think about it BUT I CAN'T, I CAN'T WAIT 17 MORE DAYS.

WE CAN DO IT! Just make sure to talk about boobs on twitter!


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