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Is this game still in development and do you have a current timetable to when it will be released? Also who is composing the music?

It's still in development, but it's taken a backseat to a smaller scale video game project which I'll be giving my full priority towards. I'll make a proper post explaining this on the blog at some point soon.

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Can you elaborate onto what Deep is?/ The point of the game/ the goal.

I have a whole page on that here! https://deepthegame.wordpress.com/what-is-deep/
Concisely though, you play as a robot who finds that he's been teleported to some unknown location, 1000m underground. With no objective data stored, and no way home, all that's left to do is go deeper into the alien world. Your goals will become increasingly clear as you play through the game and the story unfolds!

Can you tell me anything related to beta. Hints, Progress, something?

I can't really sorry, that isn't my information to give out. All I can say is that the McleodGaming dev team is working as hard as they usually are to bring you guys the demo as fast as they can!

What is Deep being created with? I'm aware that it is coded in C++ but what other tools? (Game libraries, etc)

I make minor use of an open-source software library called Allegro 5 that essentially exists to save C++ developers on overhead code dedicated to drawing to the screen, window creation, playing audio and other simple tasks like that, but the rest of the code is written by me exclusively for Deep! All of the 20k+ lines of code have been written in Visual Studio (VS2010 at the start of the project, and VS2013 as of last year). For making the graphics (sprites, effects, menus etc) I have always used and will continue to always use Photoshop CS3 Extended Edition.
There are various other tools that I use to assist in the game's promotion too. I capture gameplay videos with OBS (which is free and awesome) and I use a program called Gifcam (which is free but you should donate to the awesome developer!) to record high quality animated .gifs right from the game as I'm playing it. Hope this answers your question!

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Have u ever seen a platypus with your own eyes if so how cute was it?

I have!! Not in nature or anything, but they have a really cool enclosure for Platypuses at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, which I've been to a few times. They're very weird. Adorable but in a very unconventional way.

How's Australia, mate?

actually uncharacteristically wet lately! it's alright now, but a really huge area around where i live experienced some pretty insane storms ovee the last few weeks. lotta places got flooded real bad or worse, and some areas only got power and reception back somewhat recently.

What is your best question to get to know someone?

actually i hit the 'ask me a random question!' button on ask.fm and take it from there

Which languages do you understand or speak?

Really only English. I did Japanese in school but I remember basically none of it now other than the alphabet of characters and some of the grammatical rules etc.

Would Deep in anyway be affiliated with McLeodGaming?

it is technically! if you check out the affiliates on mcleodgaming's home page theres a cute little icon that links to my blog, which is, i guess, at least for now, the ""official homepage for the game""???
other than that though, no, MG wont be helping to publish or produce Deep. the only link to mcleodgaming is me!

I don't know if this has been answered before, but would Deep being available on Steam a possibility?

It's certainly a goal! The only reason I'm not confirming it 100% is because I don't know entirely what's involved and required to make that a reality, and the game isn't close enough to being a finished product yet to justify me looking into all of that.
So I guess the answer is... mostly a yes?

Guess what day it is today?

it's a day i make a lot of progress on my game apparently! i haven't stopped working since waking up this morning except to get food!

Are you atheist?

I am, but I generally don't like to talk about religion or lack of. especially not on the internet lol.

Did Zayn leave 1D for ISIS?

i like to think hes joined a secret society with jeremy clarkson and hideo kojima and that one australian prime minister that went missing that one time

If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?

Blue, so luckily I have that eye colour anyway lol


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