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is it possible to get into modeling if I'm 5'2"? I look a lot thinner than you but I'm short so I have that going against me.

Agencies look for tall, slim girls. But if you want, you can find local photographers, and have them shoot you. You can still technically "model", you just won't be a contracted one.
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I don't think that's conceited. Everyone does that on YouTube and twitter

Not allowed to think you're pretty.. Dontcha know? :)

You're literally too perfect not to post ootdselfies and ootd.

I don't want to come off as being conceited.

You're perfect and I wish I looked like you.

Oh man, and I wish I looked like other people. I'm sure you are beautiful just as you are!

Ootd stands for outfit of the day.

Oh. I only post modeling photos, and rarely a selfie. I'm not too big of taking pictures of myself, I don't know


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