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Funny how you act like a Christian in public but when it comes down to it you're fake and don't know the real way a Christian is supposed to live their life.

I'm sorry ya feel that way. I think I'm doing the best I can just like everyone else.

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You inspired me to reach for God and ever since I've felt better about myself. You're always going to be an inspiration to me. Thank you.

That's awesome to hear!! I'm glad you reached out to him.

I feel like I have grown away from God and I don't know how to change that. It's almost like I don't feel worthy of his presence anymore and I don't know how to change that.

I've been in that position so many times. First of all, you've gotta realize that he didnt go anymore or move further from you. You did the moving. Secondly, you are never not worthy of his prescense. All you have to do is seek him. Literally. To change this, seek him with all your heart. Pray. Ask for forgiveness and don't dwell on it. He's forgiven you so let it go. Just seek him.
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I want to become closer with God but I don't have any of the cliche reasons to go searching. I've done a lot of things god wouldn't approve of, but I don't feel sorry. I go to church every Sunday, youth group and pray but it hasn't changed me. I need motivation. Is that wrong?

No, I've been in that position before. In my opinion, from what I've learned, you need to learn to motivate yourself. A lot of the time I sat around waiting for God to put this fire for him in my heart and I've realized it doesn't work that way. Being motivated for God is a choice. Try your very best to seek him in everything and have faith in your prayers and things will start turning around. They have for me.

Why did you do it if you don't think it's right?

To sum it up I was young and stupid, and I thought that having sex would make that person love me more.

You can have sex out of marriage, right?

Well yes you can, but even though I have before doesnt mean I think it's right

Your voice is awesome, I write and play music, would you want to jam sometime?

Lol well DM me or something! Thanks!

You are a very beautiful. I just wish I had the nerve to talk to you in the hallways..

Aw thank you! I won't bite! Lol

Keep it up. just remember that though many will fall around you, you will stand strong in the glory of God. Aka. When people questioning you on how wrong it is to believe in God you will hold your ground. Because let's be honest. That's life. Keep it up yo. Many will try to tear you down. Don't let

Thank you. I will! :)

Nothing is better than reading all of the praise people are giving you for turning to god, compared to half of the sexual and irrelevant questions everyone else is getting. Keep up what you're doing people really look up to you, and so do I.

Thank you so much!!

God is amazing, don't get me wrong. He is VERY powerful and has done/still does great magical things! I'm just confused on how one day you could automatically change your thought process?

No, if I came off that it was a one day thing then I'm sorry. It wasn't at all. It took time. It was a process. When my ex and I who dated for like 3 years broke up, I lost a lot of my best friends too and I was extremely lonely. During that period of loneliness I turned to God out of helplessness. So during that time is when my thought process started to change. It definitely took time though. Hopefully that makes more sense for ya

Your past is very different then how you live, act, look etc. now. Besides god, what made you all of the sudden want to change the ways you lived your life?

I mean 99% of it was God. He really opened up my eyes and made me see that the way I lived was very meaningless. Living to get guys attention, to impress people, doing anything to fit in, is not a way to live. It was an empty life.


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