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Why did you break up with zuri though? Its everyones business so answer the damn question

Correction, it was a mutual feeling between both Zuri and I. I faced many conflicts with him, that I couldn't comprehend as a 17-19 year old. Furthermore, here's a disclaimer for you: First, NO I will not elaborate on what those conflicts were. Second, Zuri and I's relationship wasn't a business we built for everyone. So, nice troll.
I've noticed this question was meant entirely for a situation, that had happen three years ago... Is your favorite subject History? :^)

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Yo...these past questions LOL. Good luck and have fun My question is: Has someone randomly recognized you outside of your stream?

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I know right. I was still a troll back then too. To answer your question, yes. I've been to many gaming events. A really great example of one was at Madison Square Garden for the NA LCS Finals 2015. People from my stream said they saw me and were intimidated to say hi. idk why, but I'll always give them a huge smile, hug and a chance to take a selfie with me :D

Oh shit the fuck up. That's none of your fucking business you low life bird. She doesn't wanna talk about it. She simply said "the past is the past" and she clearly learned from it. She wasted her time with worthless niggas. How about you tell me who the fuck you are you ignorant bastard.

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The point is to ask questions and BE nosy you fucking slutty ass Muslim bitch "omgitskea".

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