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I want you to laugh at my small size and reject me. Tell me how I could never get or satisfy a beautiful goddess like you.

I want your appendix to explode, for 100 black ravens to peck your eyes out and a rabid racoon to tear your dick off and feed it to it's young.
Liked by: Ted Det

Another question, do you love pizza? If you do what is your favourite toppings to put on it? ???

Pepperoni and jalapenos. There's a local place that sells a pizza with 4 white cheeses and a white sauce that we love too. ??
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Has any psychologist/therapist ever tried to guilt trip or threaten you into 'releasing' a particular paypig?

Therapists don't do things like that, wanker idiot. pay-pigs are responsible for their own addiction and behavior.
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What would you do if you found me shrunk to an inch tall with my normal size wallet next to me

Take your wallet and step on you on MY way to the furniture store..because you are annoying AF.
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