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How did people live their pay - fetish, before the internet was invented?

The fetish wasn't that popular before that because men hadn't been brainwashed on a grand scale to eroticize Financial Domination. I'm sure there were a few guys floating around but I had been a Dominatrix several years before I started spreading My Findom brainwash over the internet. I never had a guy approach ME with the fetish before I started indoctrinating men into fetishizing FINDOM online. My fabulous Findom propaganda has spread through the internet influencing many submissive men's squishy little brains. you're welcome.

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How old were you when you first started domming? Were you successful right away or was it a slow and steady build up of clients? Did you learn a lot as you went on or did you always know what to do?

I started soon after I graduated from highschool. First I was only doing phone calls and working with 1 rich male slave real time. I continued to do phone sessions and slowly started to see more real time slaves. This was when I was advertising in print and occasionally posting little ads on online forums. Success happened at a very rapid pace. FEMDOM was more underground back then and there were only a few Dommes in every state. There were WAY more slaves than there were Dommes. So No competition. It's an entire new age now.

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What do you think about 14 year old girls, who offer themselves as a financial domme here on ASK?

I don't think about it..but I think men who spend time thinking about what 14 year old girls do are filthy, depraved fuckers who need to be slowly castrated and forced to eat their vile trimmings.

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... some kind of drunk loser type who could live in a shed and do much of the menial tasks of operating such a place. Someone who knew how to operate and fix much of the equipment onsite. Are you looking for such a slave? Obviously one who expects nothing in return?

Why would I want a drunk loser to do menial work for ME? I have a sober slave that has actual man-skills who has worked for Me for years..he's relocating from Ohio to move here and be My work-mule next spring. There are very few men these days who have actual, REAL man-skills. Most are useless like you. Stop being so useless.

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