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Would you stay with someone who didn’t really want you ? Or was constantly putting you in third parties

I would say buh bye.

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Would you date someone who has children?

Depends on the age of the children an how behaved they are or territorial of the parent. If I see I have no chance on getting on the kids good side then nope can't mess with the parent. Main reason I would never want the parent to chose because technically if they don't chose they kids then it's over anyway unless the kids are semi grown then fuck them kids.

Does age matter in a relationship and if so how far apart?

If the person don't care then age is a number I think what ppl look at is if the person is underage or age gap basically if I dated someone 20yrs younger than me then technically they wasn't even born when I was a baby or kid or at the least a baby so I think that is how society views age an dating.

Would you to it all over again knowing where you are right now or would you change it

Change some things but all in all keep it the same.

If someone forgot your birthday how would you feel?

Depends on who. With me I don't celebrate it's just another day plus I think if you put a number on your age then you will age. No I don't condone being super young cause you know weirdos. I know how old I am but I won't say it type of thing say it to often then you will feel that way.

Rather be without AC in the summer or Heat in the winter?

Heat we could always cuddle up an get warm lol.

Do you believe in aliens?

Yes. Cannot look at our planet to not see so much diversity in life an not believe in aliens. Once we as a society come together I am sure we will be blessed with new technology or be wiped out. We haven't yet so I am thinking they are waiting to see which way we go.
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What age did you fall in love?

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I dunno what love is at least from a woman's perspective. See my mom abandoned me when I was a baby. My dad though raised me an cared as much as he could all while working.

Do zodiac signs matter when it comes to your significant other?

Personally to me no. I can pretty much mesh with anyone. I guess it does help that I am an air sign. I honestly worry if the other person won't be compatible with me due to how they may think.


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