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People still judge you off of things from the past meanwhile your not even the same person

THATS THE TRUTH! Takes time to re-learn who someone is though, wouldn’t blame them if they aren’t very bothered to know

You know what sounds like fun, you sitting in the middle seat of the truck with my arm around you baby, listening to some country music and taking our time out to the mountains to spend a night under the stars just you and me.

That sounds amazing, gotta write that down for when I’m with my significant other

So if I was at your house right now, what would we do

If you are who I think you are, then we’d be grabbing a snack togetherxD

It was hot in here when I got home today, so I turned on the AC and it’s nice now. Do you turn on the AC at night or maybe just use a fan?

A fan.


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