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Christmas plans?

gabriellaGem’s Profile PhotoGabriela
My Christmas plan was all about fixing my fault. I had a Christmas with lots of emotions. I was struggling with love this Christmas. I cried a lot, I was deeply hurt and regret with the wrong decision I had made. At the same time, I was also very brave and persistent to fix my mistake. And... I was disappointed, down and depressed. But the best thing was that I realized I wasn't alone, I had my friends by my side and comforted me through this time.
Thank you for asking, I hope you have had a merry Christmas and a happy and warm time with your family and friend.
Christmas plans

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I'm looking for a serious relationship 😳

I couldn't help you in this issue. But I hope you could find a serious relationship (which you're very deserved) soon
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tất cả cái lũ đàn ông khi yêu đều tồi tệ giống nhau !

Làm gì có chuyện tất cả đàn ông đều giống nhau.
Nếu họ thực sự giống nhau thì về cơ bản là bạn cũng chả mất nhiều thời gian tìm hiểu và kịp đánh giá là họ tệ :>
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