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Hai un nuovo regalo su ask Per riceverlo manda un sms al numero 4885886 entro le 24h con scritto ASK NFWW •I'invio del messaggio è gratuito•

I get like loads of these Q's nowadays and idek how 2 reply XD
This week's been amazing XP ;P Monday we had 1/2 day, Tuesday was sports day but we did have this teacher we all argued with and then she started having a go @ me 4 no reason so obvs I didn't just do nothing :3 ^_^ XD lmao ;) Wednesday we had this fashion show thing and I was with my mains in art for like 4 hours and then the whole year group had 2 sing 2 year 8's....k den. XD Thursday was normal lessons but was still good watched Frozen and that yesterday aswel and then whilst people watched that in music, all u hear Is the dramatic piano sound and my "short" story that took the whole hr and we videoed a bit :P yesterday we had an hr 2 do whatever we wanted out of lesson e.g paint ur nails etc and jamming 2 music with my friend in this pic XD bc of full attendance last term and stuff but yeah it was acc really good :D xx

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Hai un nuovo regalo su ask 
Per riceverlo manda un sms al numero 4885886 entro

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What makes you really sleepy?

Well now I'm sleepless
Some1 in town got run over by a bus and basically got crushed and people think that's funny?
Bless that woman tho, I think it was 1 of my friends that knew her and even if they didn't, still pray 4 her because it was sad and she didn't expect 2 die. Teachers and some of my mates even saw it aswel xx
What makes you really sleepy

a story that would make me cry ?

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Have u ever lost somebody so close 2 u?
I don't mean like a close family member: I mean somebody who loved u FIRST and that somebody who u loved more than anybody.
People always say how upset they get when they hear about a death, which is understandable, because who wouldn't be? But, have u ever thought what it's like for that one person- everybody cries because there's a death in the family and then there's the person's lifetime partner, standing there, helpless. Along with that body u have gone 2. Sure; it happens to everybody one day but I hate it when other people feel that they care more than the person who was mostly effected. Like no u don't. Did u marry that person? Did u spend ur life just thinking about that person? No. You were just one of the rest who only cared all of a sudden because its too late.
Char Avell made a song on the 25th April, as it was 10 years since his dad was gone, bless. <3
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LzoAiOO0vaAISanyaHussain’s Video 112653125879 LzoAiOO0vaAISanyaHussain’s Video 112653125879 LzoAiOO0vaA
Sometimes these things aren't just stories, they're life.
Also, bless those women in Lahore who got killed just because they chose their own husbands.
It's not the world that's bad; it's the people. Xxxx

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a story that would make me cry


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