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What's the quickest way to heal your heart?

I wouldn't say quickest, but I think it would be, just moving on and letting go of the past

What's the point of having various people chasing after me if none of them is you? No one can replace you. I don't care about anyone; I only want and need you


lmao i love the drama on here. yass keep sending your life story and drama! thats what people wanna read, the juicy interesting things, not boring ass questions

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌 facts
lmao i love the drama on here yass keep sending your life story and drama thats

What does it mean if someone brings up something they already said and it hurts your feelings .

It they INTENTIONALLY PURPOSFULLY repeated it to hurt your feelings

Why do all white guys be scared to flirt with black women? Real question?

It could be a number of reasons
Maybe your intimidating
Maybe they don't think you would be interested in dating outside your race
But you'll never know until you ask, or they approach or vise versa


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