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Be honest: Have you ever said "I love you" and didn't actually mean it?

Oh for sure. At the end of relationship. Im the type to check out long before I leave.

Hi Mavs. Thanks for your replies. Are you going to spend Christmas day with your brother and his family?

I’m spending Christmas by myself

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Do you live as the truest version of yourself or do you feel you could be more?

I wish I could do more but I don’t think I can

Am I wrong for not loving tattoos? I’m not hateful about anyone with them, but it does turn me off…

You can have your preferences. It’s fine. What is not fine is belittling people because they have tattoos

What have you been eating recently? I’m just wondering what kind of meals you like.

I’m just eating once a day whatever I can scrape up. As for sleep, it’s what I mostly do. Though I keep forgetting to take my meds which doesn’t help

I am really sorry that didn’t work out. I wish you guys could have left on better terms, but it sounds unpleasant if not dangerous. Without knowing more details all I could really say is a bunch of generalizations. Does it help to talk about it with me?

It helps to talk about it, I just don’t have with who.

How has the transition back to the US been? I’d love to know more about how you’re feeling.

Right now I’m being very cautious with my moves trying not to ripple the water so much. I am scared though.

And if you aren’t living at home, are you living with anyone at all? Like with your brother and his family?

My brother wants me to live closer to him if not with him. That’s how dangerous it got. I mean the police were called and I got shipped off to the looney bin.

I’m doing pretty good. One thing that makes me happy though, is receiving replies from you. Although I don’t know you super well, I know enough that you are an incredibly unique and special person. Well you continue replying if I ask you more questions?

You are very kind and for that I’ll answer anything as long as it’s safe

Do you have any particular Christmas plans? And New Year’s plans?

I have no plans for those or my birthday which is between those

I’m just wondering if you’re alone this holiday. It’s perfectly OK to be by yourself on the holiday, but as you said that Christmas can make you sad, I wanted to check in and see what that situation was for you.

Thank you for your messages. I’m staying in the same place as before. I will be spending Christmas on my own. As for work I can’t say anything specific because it’s easily identifiable but I’m no longer in the pharmacy business

Well I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas. And somehow convey to you that you mean something to people. That lots of people care about you, admire you, and find you incredibly interesting as a person. You also have the most beautiful smile.

You are always so kind, thank you

For some reason, people say that the holidays are frequently a time where peoples depression increases. Do you think that happens to you?

I think so yes

Do you celebrate Christmas? How do you feel about it?

I used to be happy for it but last and this year killed the magic for me

Hoping you are doing okay, Mavs. Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

Thank you, hope you’re doing well.

Oh I’m just kinda worried about you. But you must be doing ok. Are you? Please tell me about it.

I’m healing at the moment and in the midst of a breakthrough. I will become a much better person after this, I’m sure.

Didn’t your ex-boyfriend want to buy a gun? Did that ever happen? Was it ever a problem?

Thank goodness it never happened. Who knows if I’d be dead if he had

Well, if you’re writing on this app, I suppose you must be doing “ok”. And your answers are quite cogent and sensible. You’re probably not running from the law or anything, right? Hahah. 😂😂😂 Right?🤨

I did have a run in with the law but it was minor. A crazy selfcentered person called them

So tell me more about your move home? Are you living with your parents now?

It’s a temporary thing. I’ll be back home soon. I just needed to clear my head and get better/stronger

The flag on my phone says you’re the number 3 poster from PR! That’s kinda weird to be honest. I think it must mean there are not a lot of users from PR. I’m not saying you’re not popular and amazing though! I just think this app is dying.😂😂😂

It is dying! And I think there are very very few people here with this app

But in either case, I am very very sorry that your relationship didn’t work out. It sounded like you were very happy with him and the relationship had promise. I’m very sorry.

I thought I found the love of my life but it turned out to be a very bad person

And the boyfriend, what happened? Did he hurt you? Was he mean to you? Did he treat you unfairly?

He cheated and became a monster

If I remember correctly, you were a pharmacist? Did you leave your job in NY (or NJ)? What happened?

I changed fields and now work for a medical devices company. I’ll be back in New England soon though.

Of course it is a little concerning that you are back in Puerto Rico, and your boyfriend is no more. What happened?

It was a big blow out and had to go back home to lick my wounds

I suppose your answers will have to be a little guarded since you are now a public individual, and the number for poster from Puerto Rico! I mean your parents could read this account too. How do you feel about that?

Thank goodness my parents are not too techsavvy so the chances of them finding it is very low

I hope you don’t mind me messaging you here? I have the same motivation as before. I know you have a serious boyfriend, and I am here just because you are an interesting person. Yes you are also a very attractive person but I loved your personality.🥰🥰🥰

Well that boyfriend is no more actually. And of course I don’t mind you messaging me

And I see you have a bunch of people asking you questions and stuff. Before it seemed like you’re ask was a relatively secluded place. Life of course it’s still online and publicly accessible, but not too many people knew about it. It looks like your account is on fire now!😂😂😂

I’m not getting personal questions but I do answer a lot of the public ones!

Your account has a flag on my phone that says you are the number four poster from Puerto Rico. Did you know that?

I had no idea! But I am currently there

I always had a big crush on you since middle school, but im afraid to tell you.

You’re better off telling them and ripping that bandaid off

¿Ustedes votan por los mismos que votan sus padres o ustedes tienen criterio propio para votar distinto? 🤔 ¿Quién se atreve a contestar?

Yo voto por candidato, no partido como mis padres.
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