Any plans on making your guide a .pdf file? So KI is my first fighting game, and well right now is 2 month since i started playing. i have done a lot of research on fighting games in general, should i be worried about frame data at my level or what should be my focus, just grind online?

It helps to know a few key frame data numbers, but I would definitely say you don't need to memorize frame data like a textbook. You should know a few more in-depth things about the character you play, but you don't need to know everything about the entire roster.
The most important things to know, typically, is how unsafe your opponent's special moves are, and how fast on startup his reversals are. Did you know that TJ's Tremor is -6 on block at best? The medium and heavy ones are even more unsafe! And did you know that every character has a normal that is 5 frames of startup? This means you get to punish TJ's Tremor, every time you block it. This type of basic knowledge is important... it's less important to know some largely meaningless information like how many active frames TJ's jab has.
Those two bits of information (how unsafe are my opponent's special moves, and how fast are his reversals?) basically answer the same question: "is it okay if I press my fastest button right now?" There are some advanced applications for frame data that are important, but as a beginner you shouldn't be focused on them right now.
As for what your focus is, I would try to find someone around your skill level (either locally or online) and grind matches with them. If you don't know a person like this, next time you fight somebody in ranked who you think is around your skill level, send them a message and ask if they'd be willing to play some exhibition matches with you in a lobby. Fighting games are a lot of fun if you can measure your progress against a specific person and share lots of close matches together. You'll push each other to get better much more quickly than grinding ranked matches against random players of varying skill.
(No plans to make the guide .pdf right now, because the video files are important aspects of the site.)