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What would you do if your boyfriend has been running for a while with his best friend, his Best friends girlfriend, and a running group. Then his ex from a while ago joins in. His ex girlfriend happens to be his best friends girlfriends cousin. Do you have the right to be upset?

I mean if he is loyal your relationship no

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Diamonds or rubies ?

💎 because I don't know which one is more expensive and diamonds are pretty

I like my friend. We play games together and he's really sweet and we kept kissing each other and calling each other cute and saying I love you and it was so nice but I cant tell if he likes me or is just being nice

Girl if I did all of that to you he likes you

Okay so y’all know how “some” of us were like “we’re all gonna fail this year” I feel sorry for the people who actually believed that and didn’t do their work at all now they gotta sit in a classroom 😬

I did my work I just miss some days of school

Happy Pride Month Everyone! 💗🌈🌈 It's that month all LGBTQIA+ get together and celebrate each other's orientation! I love you all!!!

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Love you too

Ok so this guy said he likes me. But we never really talked before. We started texting for like two days and then he didn’t text me for like a whole day. I kinda wanna text him but I don’t know what to say. Also does this mean he’s not interested or is he just busy?

Just tell him you want to talk more. And he is probably busy
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