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Does have someone to support me, because when l came out as Lesbian, my family hate me a lot, l wish they could support me, but no, they hate me, they are the one that make me Lesbian and when l came out they hate me, please 🥺, l need all your support 😭😭, ( please answer me if you understand me)

ElizaMenzel029’s Profile PhotoElizaMenzel029
I don't understand what your going through but I'm sorry that you have to me hated because you lesbian

Ever been to CA or FL? Did you like it ??

I have been to Florida i loved it but I wanna go to California

What is your favorite tv show ?

Those marvel shows like wandavision,falcon and the winter soldier and loki

If you had to move to another country, what would it be?

jaylen_tolliver’s Profile Photojay
North America U.S or Canada,Europe UK or france,France, maybe China in Asia, Australia in Oceania, Brazil in South America and South Africa in Africa.

when is it considered too early to confess you like someone?

It is never to early but you better do it before its to late


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