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What u will do if u on street and stranger come to kiss u from your lips😂?

Call the police! Wtf!

Does anyone else have questions sitting from over 20+ days ago? I feel like I can not answer things quickly enough.

A lot of shoutouts yeah. I delete most old ones though

Why do some people claim white privilege doesn’t exist?

They think just because their life was hard it means they don’t have privilege. They don’t realize that it’s a privilege to simply not be oppressed because of their color.
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Since men aren't mind readers and many women want some men to know the magical first few words as an ice breaker when first introduced, what are some of the greatest openers that you've heard that really got your attention?

Just don’t be creepy bro. Be yourself. If you’re too creepy to politely get someone’s attention that’s not the chicks fault
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