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Guys I was curious about what you think when it comes to vaginas that has prominent labia !

So damn pretty like others. All vulva are pretty 🥰

I hate being in love with you. It’s a prison, one that I can never escape from. I try to find reasons to forget you, and there is lots. I’m determined to resolve it, one way or another.

Okkk ✨✨

My gf went from being gay to bi. When I first dated her she was gay and now she says she’s bi after a year and a half of being together. Make it make sense. How did she realize it? Am I crazy for wanting to break up with her now? I feel weird idk why. I need help lol

Wtf feeling weird? Sexuality is changing during our whole life, maybe she was just thinking about it and realized it…
Could people just liked people and just live their best life??


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