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Well it’s time to delete this app now that I no for sure all the I love u I miss u I need u I want u or can w start over really weren’t meant for me I was holding on to hope n something that wasnt there just simply mind games to try n hurt a person

Damm thats deep been there before aha

I may seem like I don't care but I do deep inside me is a big ball of feelings that want to come out I can't though cause it will be a waste of time to much is already gone or lost but my heart misses you

Cool story 😂

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Do you believe in second chances?

Nope once you leave my life your gone for good! The way I see it is time is to precious to waste on shit people

Do you believe Jesus is God?

Yes I do. There’s enough proof out there. World known and respected Doctors and Scientists have become believers after doing research of their own.

Do you shower in the morning or at night?

Yep sometimes I even shower 3 times a day 😂😎 thanks to my native american side no offense to europeans but their history is pretty musty.

Why are women into men who cheat

Cause even if they hate it they know that they have a man that every other woman wants.

What’s a piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Don’t hit the block, I missed to many opportunities to make it out and I chose my neighborhood over them.. I’m doing good now thank GOD but I could’ve done more. Running a muck was fun as a youngster but now I don’t care about what happens in the hood.

I would never betray you again I wish you could see how sorry I truly am I really wish you would talk to me

Who could trust a person who has betrayed them? Being a traitor/ low scum explains everything about you as a person

Should I tell the spouse of my ex that they keep texting me? 💀💀

First of all why do you still communicate with your ex while your married!
You a hoe
Block that foo right now

Would you date somebody with kids? 🤨

Hell nah but i would smash 😂
I can’t take a female with kids seriously
Dont get me wrong the kids have no fault but i am not gonna raise no one else’s kids!

Wouldn't a male have to have something mentally wrong with him to stalk a woman for 8 years?

Yeah lol wtf


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