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Thank you for blocking me now when I'm answering questions it's obvious which ones are yours because I can't answer them

I would think their questions just don't show up for you

You are being pressured to make the most important decision of your life. What do you do?

Ignore the pressure, it's your life to live

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what business to make if i want to be a dictator ceo? like ill make law that you cant threaten me nor yell at me at all or you get fired. its not that strict unless i feel like becoming a villain someday

Please avoid leadership if this is how you think

My boyfriend is giving me the silent treatment how do I get him to stop ignoring me

tonyoller9876543215’s Profile PhotoGianna Weightman
By not letting it phase you, just don't play along and keep going forward with your life.


I welcome you to try anything, because if you don't know me you are just proving why someone has cut you off. If you do, I'd like to put to rest whatever wrong you feel I've done.


Which initials are you thinking here? Cause my username is a reference to bring unheard by people in my past... don't threaten someone if you aren't 100% sure

I'm sorry. I get it now. It's not about me. I was too selfish to understand before, but I get it now, and I am sorry.

NathanBFrost’s Profile PhotoNathanBFrost
Good job in seeing it, now improve and go forward.
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I am trying to stay calm because to be honest this entire time I have been trying to be gentle with you but you don't seem to notice that you're insulting my intelligence losing me terrifies you is that what you want because I can make that happen in the snap of a finger

Stop threatening them, it's really narcissistic

Have you ever felt like you had it harder than others when it comes to love and relationships?

Yeah but that's okay

is it wrong to lie about being homeless so that people give me money

Yes, your taking from other who need

You know it’s really rough when your getting bullied.

Yes, but use it to grow stronger and look at what is being picked at. Not everyone wants to see you fail.

Why does studying seem so difficult for some people like me whereas others don’t have an issue with it and have made it a part of their routine? I’ve only ever studied temporarily but it’s not something I can see myself doing in the long term.

You probably have adhd

If an inheritance was given to you 20 years ago and hidden from you would you want all of it or would you share it with your siblings who's demanding half.

zA9yD7g85dreamily’s Profile Photodreamy
I'd share it


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