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The silent treatment, a form of relational aggression, is when someone punishes you by not speaking to or engaging with you for a significant time. This is different from someone communicating that they may need to take some space or alone time. Prolonged silence can be abusive when used to withhold


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Does fighting feelings for someone and avoiding them work? Or make matters worse

Good question.
I guess it all depends on how they choose to go about it.

What kind of sick person does someone have to be to stalk and harass someone for so many years?

I think it they're more lonely than sick

"You deserve a love that doesn't hide you, a love that shows you off" 👩 ❤️ 👨 ❤️


If you were to adopt a child, would you tell them that they were adopted when the appropriate age for that kind of conversation comes, or would you keep it a secret?

Tell them

When is the last time you were drawn to someone’s vibe? Does it happen often?

It's only happened once in my lifetime and I like to think I was wrong about the person

Why would a guy leave you on read if they are the ones who message you first? He reaches out to me first 99 percent of the time. then, after a little bit, he leaves me on read. When he reached out to me first. Why does he have to be this way

Only he knows sweetheart. Don't stress yourself out about it, your better than that. Let him be. If he wants he will.
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Do you know “time heals all wounds” is total BS & stupid? Don’t forgive & never ever forget. 😳🙄😪

It's OK to be hurt just don't let it ruin your meaningful relationships

Why won't u talk to me yell me how I hurt u like u had done to me

How are we supposed to know who you are if you're anonymous?

Listen, I think you are really great but I am not really looking to be in a relationship now so can we just be friends?

Absolutely 💯

You never tried there are other ways to get a hold of me one in particular it's a place we both frequent you can always send me a message on there but you wouldn't do that would you because then you would have to admit that you are the person you always lied about being

I would but you know it's me already so...l


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