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is it true if your ears ring then someone’s thinking about you or is it not true?

IT WAS SO WEIRD, I was in my communications class and I was sitting right next to my crush and my ear just couldn’t stop ringing

Do you think it's rude to not hold the door for someone walking behind you??

I never hold the door for people, I mean I do sometimes but like you know

What do you look for in a significant other ? (Looks wise)

ston3dbunni_’s Profile PhotoBunni
German, curly brown hair, not that much taller then me but taller then me, someone who has fashion but does not go all that out

do you think the cures for diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases are hiding, and why might they be hiding?

They do have a cure for cancer sometimes it does not always work

Internet dating is weird. Agree or Disagree?

Making friends is one thing but forming relationships off the internet is just weird


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