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Who's your crush

She already knows, I don't believe anyone has a crush on me right now. Soon I hope I can answer differently

how many friends do you have?

True friends??? There were 400+ people at my wedding on average 20 people are drank swam at my homes every weekend I've given people vehicle's not any bullshit nice,trucks 3 and 4 year old diesel trucks I bought my neighbor a brand new snapper riding mower from ace actually the 2nd one I bought that week I lost the first one to a friend on the golf course a day earlier.i can't think of 4 names I can call that would come if I called. I may be wrong I just quit fukkiing with people.no fault of theirs iam probably way off about this. I always had the best of friends. I could reach out. Should I???

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Do you use condoms

Confession I've slept with 4 ladies in the past 3 decade's. I was asked to twice and both times after 5 seconds I said it's bare back or I'd have more pleasure hacking off. I've never had an std and I fucking love kids. I guess I could try it a third time but I really love how it feel inside a woman. Fukuhrubber is my vote

would you date a minion?

I got 7chilrenz with minions...whaaaat
I wanna ask you Why wouldn't I date minions...dam boyy shiiit

What is your biggest accomplishment?

With career in mind getting my Master Plumber and General Contractors license. We poured all the structural concrete for many Walmarts new and converted ones to Super Centers, Target plazas. We built big things all over Jacksonville oh the Simon Outdoor Mall in Ponte Vedra. I also have on record 2 hole in ones. 128 yds pitching wedge the other 198 yds 4 iron

Have you met your soulmate?

Met, maybe, I'm not there yet, another week or so I'm going to get back into that world and go out with different ladies until I do find her... I have to be looking like someone who suppose to have a dime. Time for a new whip and a new place.
I do my part everything will fall into place. I hope I go meet her soon bc I really hate serial dating. I'm a 1woman man that loves eating and cooking home made meals, lots of Netflix and lots of fucking. Can I say that. anyhoo .. past due past ready

Have you ever forgiven someone for cheating on you? Just curious

Forgive if intend on being forgiven and then I forgot them

Should i dump my broke partner for someone rich? I have no job currently. I want to be spoiled and I don’t want to work. My partner doesn’t make me work but they’re not rich so i’m not super spoiled how I want to be. I’m very physically attractive and i’m young.

Your got dam right you should,
If it's not Kool when it's new think of the descent that happy meter will have fallen too in 10. Runn, fucker Runnnn

In your opinion, what does a healthy relationship look like to you?

Not for just anyone no, I've always said that I quit worrying about winning a popularity contest when I became a man. I know there's plenty of things I can and want to do better so I growing knowledge and in spirit. Those places I out time into through taking ownership of my actions as well as getting down on my knees and praying. I know how to treat a lady and I know how to take care of one...
All the other shit is in a foreign language I struggle to read. My parents raised a Gentleman in this area...

What's stopping you from achieving your goals?

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Nothing I'm aware of. Having access to a fairly decent amount of money is better when I have a voice of reason around. Wow, thanks for asking that. I just had a moment of clarity.ty

Which of these cities would you like to visit London, Paris, or Tokyo?

Paris or Tokyo is the only 2 I've badly want to visit. Paris is full of romance, history and fashion.
Tokyo is our future in a sense with so much to be seen and learned about.
Coin Toss???
Another dislike of me about myself, why can't I just answer the question without saying all that's on my mind... I'm certain it's annoying to everyone else and this dick is still typing...fuuuuuuuuck

do you think the cures for diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases are hiding, and why might they be hiding?

I woke to the news that I am now on a government watch list.dont answer that if not politically friendly.jslol

What would you do when some people in the group is not carrying their own weight and slacking off?

If they bring me anything less than more, cut'm loose


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